Denmark Weather

Denmark weather is relatively soft and the environment of Denmark is temperate, made mild by typically west winds and by the seas surrounding Denmark approximately fully. The winters are not principally cold and the summers are calm.

Denmark Weather doesn't have a lot of variation between day and night temperatures, but wind gusts and changes in wind direction can rapidly change the climate and temperatures. The wind speed is stronger in winter.

Denmark's average temperature in the coldest month (February) is approximately 0°C (32°F), and in the heartfelt (July) 17°C (63°F). Rain in Denmark comes on a normal basis year-round; there are no accurate dry periods. The yearly rain in Denmark averages 61 cm (24 in) of rainfall. Copenhagen has a typical of 170 rainy days. The maximum rainfall comes between September and November. Snow is exceptional.

For the reason that Denmark's location is in northern Europe, the span of the day with sunlight varies very much. This is usual for Scandinavia. There are small days during the winter with dawn coming around 8 am and sunset 3:30 pm, in addition to wonderfully long summer days with dawn at 3:30 am and late sunsets at 10 pm.


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