Denmark - Era Ora - Travel Guide

A Danish friend confided that every time his wife find out he's been dishonest on her, he always takes her for dinner Era Ora -- "and all is forgiven." This aide memoire of the "Golden Age" is on almost everyone's list as the incredibly best Italian restaurant in Denmark and is one of the best restaurants in the capital Copenhagen. Set up in 1982 by Tuscan-born partners Edelvita Santos and Elvio Milleri, it offers an antique-looking dining room, with extra seating for parties of up to 12 in the wine cellar. The cooking is based on Tuscan and Umbrian models, with stylish variations inspired by Denmark's superb collection of fresh seafood and produce.
Traditional favorites comprise a platter of 10 types of antipasti, debatably the best version of these Italian hors d'oeuvres in the country. The carte du jour offers a delicious array of classics combined with extra imaginative dishes created by the produce of the season and the inspiration of the extremely skilled chefs. Dishes have subtle flavorings and "sing" in agreement when components are mixed. The chefs carry on inventing and reinventing flavor combinations with a wizardry that's nothing short of staggering.

Their domestic pastas, with the town's most salty Italian sauces, are freshly made each day -- and are succulent. In autumn, the stand of venison is justifiably praised by food critics, and the veal dishes are the best we've sampled in Copenhagen.


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