Pakistan to Denmark Immigration

Same as Canadian Immigration and Australian Immigration, Denmark has now warmly opened its borders for Pakistanies. It is now easiest than ever for Pakistani citizens to immigrate to Denmark from Pakistan. As Denmark has introduced a very easy points based system for immigration. This immigration policy of Denmark, which is also known as Danish Green Card Scheme is easy due to following factors.
  1. IELTS is not mandatory for Immigration of Denmark.
  2. Previous earnings for immigration are not required Contrast to UK Immigration or HSMP.
  3. A graduate from a Pakistani recognized university qualifies for Immigration.
  4. Special points for age under 34.
Pakistan Denmark relations has been boosted since last few years and Denmark wants to see more Pakistanies for the growth of its economy. So immigration to Denmark is a good option for those Pakistanies who want to immigrate in a developed country. It is now prior to Canada Immigration and Australia Immigration.
Denmark is waiting for you!!!!!!

Countries exempted from Visa of Denmark

The citizens of following countries do not require a Visa for Denmark

  1. National of a Nordic country
  2. National of EU Or
  3. National of a country listed below

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bermuda ,British national overseas, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa rica, Croatia, El salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong kong, special adminstrative region), Israel, Japan, Korea,republic of, Liechtenstein, Macao (regiao adminstrativa especial), Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, New zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, San marino, Singapore, Switzerland, Un laissez passer, Uruguay, Usa, Vatican city, Venezuela

Supplying that citizen is not heading for stay longer than 3 months and you are not going to do any paid or self-employed work:

Processing time of Denmark Visa applications from India

Following is estimated processing time taken in India

  1. Danish Visa applications which are processed by the Danish Embassy i.e. do not need to be sent to Danish Immigration Service (DIS) will take approximately 7 working days.
  2. Visa applications which are to be send to Danish Immigration Service for their processing Embassy, they will take approximately 7 working days.

See the website of Danish Immigration Service for more information about Danish Visa processing times from India

Denmark Visa for Indians

The Danish Embassy in India has specially made VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd to function as the Danish Visa Application Centre in New Delhi. Applications for Work Permit and Residence may be submitted at the Denmark Embassy in New Delhi or Danish Consulates only.

Indian inhabitants applying for Denmark short visas for Business, Tour or Transit Schengen Visas for can put forward their visa applications at the Danish Application Centre from Monday to Friday during 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 01:00PM to 04:00 PM without any appointment.

Address of Demark Visa application center in India:

The Danish Visa Application Centre
15-26, E Block, 2nd Floor
International Trade Tower
Nehru Place
New Delhi 110019.

For any questions regarding application process, visas, and necessary documentation regarding Danish Visa, please contact

VFS helpline: +91-11-4222 0310

When submit an application through VFS, candidates can have their passports couriered to their particular addresses after processing of their visa case or they can manually collect their passports from the Danish Application Center.
Visa application at Danish Consulate:
If you desire to put forward your Danish Visa application at one of the Danish Consulates, please make contact with the Consulates directly to check their timings and take your scheduled time.

If you are applying for Denmark Work Permit or Denmark Residence, you must put forward your application at the Consulate or Embassy, however only with previous appointment.

Telephone no of Denmark Embassy in India:
+91 11 4209 07 51 / 52 / 53

If you want to submit your Danish visa application at the Embassy it can be done only with prior appointment. Please note, that the waiting time to get an appointment of Denmark visa office India will be about 3 weeks.

The Danish Green Card Scheme

The Denmark Green Card Scheme is requires certain factors. If you can attain sufficient points based upon criterion such as
  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Language skills
  4. Work experience

you can get a three year residence permit under the Danish Green Card scheme which will let you live in Denmark and find work there. A previous job offer is not required in this case.

The Danish Green Card is granted to people all over the world who want come in Denmark for the purpose of looking for work, and afterward working in Denmark. A residence and work permit under the Danish Greencard scheme is subject to the evaluation of an individual using a point system. This point based system is designed to evaluate the probability that the candidate is capable enough to find qualified work in Denmark.

Nordic citizens do not need a residence permit but are free to enter and work in Denmark. EU or Swiss citizens have to apply for a proof of registration at the Regional State Administration. Though In some cases, citizens of the new EU countries require to apply for a work permit at the Immigration Service in order to work in Denmark.

If you work unlawfully in Denmark, it may be result in deportation from the country, and you and your company risk fine or detention. So it is your own liability to get a residence permit if it is necessary to.

Introduction to Denmark Immigration (Denmark Green Card)

Denmark is one of the European Union's most vigorous members and trying to employ highly skilled workers from all over the world. Denmark's immigration plan, similar to the United Kingdom's Highly Skilled Migrant Pogram (HSMP), utilizes a point’s based system called the Danish Green Card to magnetize skilled workers from outside the EU. Immigration to Denmark is very easy as compered to immigration to other countries
Additionally, Denmark has a work permit scheme called the Positive List scheme for people who have a valid job offer letter from a Danish company.
With a beautiful community, culture, laid back European lifestyle, and prosperous IT industry, Denmark turns out to be a very good hope for someone who wants to live and work and live in an advanced country.