The Danish Green Card Scheme

The Denmark Green Card Scheme is requires certain factors. If you can attain sufficient points based upon criterion such as
  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Language skills
  4. Work experience

you can get a three year residence permit under the Danish Green Card scheme which will let you live in Denmark and find work there. A previous job offer is not required in this case.

The Danish Green Card is granted to people all over the world who want come in Denmark for the purpose of looking for work, and afterward working in Denmark. A residence and work permit under the Danish Greencard scheme is subject to the evaluation of an individual using a point system. This point based system is designed to evaluate the probability that the candidate is capable enough to find qualified work in Denmark.

Nordic citizens do not need a residence permit but are free to enter and work in Denmark. EU or Swiss citizens have to apply for a proof of registration at the Regional State Administration. Though In some cases, citizens of the new EU countries require to apply for a work permit at the Immigration Service in order to work in Denmark.

If you work unlawfully in Denmark, it may be result in deportation from the country, and you and your company risk fine or detention. So it is your own liability to get a residence permit if it is necessary to.


Anonymous said...

age 40,
education masters in computer sc
my family consist me,my wife and a child of 3 yrs
work experience 13 yrs as software engineer
what is success change for Denmark immigraion


Anonymous said...

kindly do me a favour to assess my total numbers for denmark immigration.

.Qualification= MBA (marketing)

.Total years of education including MBA=15 year

.Total experience 14 years in sales and marketing (pharmaceuticals)

.current working as Manager marketing and sales for last 3 years

.English is good but did not attempt ielts

.married having 2 kids

.having relatives in denmark as well

.Age 35 years


Anonymous said...


kindly do me a favour to calculate my total points for denmark immigration.

.Age 35 years

.english is good but not attempted ielts yet

.education is MBA in marketing

.total education years 15 including MBA

.profession sales and marketing (pharmaceticals)

.Experience 14 years

.Current title Manager marketing and sales for last 3 years

.Married having 2 kids

.Having relatives in denmark as well

imran muskan

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