Denmark Green Card Approval is Easy

Same like to Canada Immigration or Australia Immigration, Denmark immigration has its points based system. Danish Immigration opens a broad range of opportunities for you in Denmark, lest your designated profession appears on the positive list of occupations. If you are talented in the English language and your specialized and educational qualification suits the occupation you have nominated for, that is listed on the Denmark’s positive list of occupations, you can just about pack your bags for Denmark.

However, passing the least pass mark set for Denmark’s points based system together with the submission of essential documents are a few other things that would jointly lay concrete on your way to a successful Denmark immigration.

It would be an excellent idea to evaluate the points that you are likely to get according to the current Points based system of Denmark. This can be done with the help of an able immigration website. It makes logic to make a savings of time and money in the Denmark Green Card application, only if you have chances of clearing the minimum pass mark. A Denmark Green Card allows you to reside in Denmark for three years, with the residence permit.

Aside from seeking assistance from an immigration expert, you must also be aware of a few tips to a successful Denmark Green card application. This would lend a hand with you save plenty of time and also turn away inconvenience that you may have to face for the Green card approval for Denmark immigration.


Anonymous said...

Can i forward my application directly to Denmark? There is no Danish embassy in the city i live. I contacted the German embassy, they told me they cant assist.


Comrade said...

Yes Dear,
You can forward your Immigration Application directly to Denmark.

Anonymous said...

Iam holding a bachelors degree and having a work experience of 5 years in IT industry. Am i eligible for Denmark immigration/work permit visa?


Sk. Al - Emran said...

I am holding Masters degree (MSS in Economics) and having 3.5 years of work experience in freight forwarding industry. Am I eligible for danish immigration.

Pls also inform me about my point for application.


Anonymous said...

hi i have submitted my gc application at danish embassy in uk.
i got stamped on passport for my ref no.

they ask my transcript which i posted second day i got receipt from post office that embassy got my transcript.

they didnt send my original back to me as well how i can check my application status as well how much time they take if i applied from uk directly from danish embassy.

Anonymous said...

i am holding master degree(math)and having 5.5 band in ilets and i have p.g.d.w.d and beachlor in education.i am eligible for danish immigration
from harry

Anonymous said...

I am holding Masters degree (math) and having 5.5 bands in ilets.i have p.g.d.w.d.and b.ed in first divison . Am I eligible for danish immigration.

Anonymous said...


i have submitted my denmark greencard application on 20/12/2011, how can i check my application status please guide.

shakeel ahmed

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