Denmark Green Card Points Calculator

In fact, there is no points calculator for Denmark Greencard made by Danish Immigration service. It is somehow different from Canada Immigration or Australia Immigration, to which you can find online points calculators.
But we can help each other in order to calculate our points for Denmark Greencard or Immigration.
Write your bio data in the comments below in the following format

1. Education
2. Language skills (eg IELTS score)
3. Work experience (Your post qualification full time work experience, your designation)
4. Adaptability (Any qualification or experience in Denmark)
5. Age

Other experienced people will assist you a lot to calculate your points of Denmark Green Card.

Also, you may see the Denmark Greencard section of this blog in order to find out more about points calculation of Denmark Green Card. The points of Denmark Immigration are easier to achieve as compared to points of Canadian Immigration or Australian Immigration.


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Anonymous said...

Hi dear my qualifications are
Phd education = Phd education
Master = Msc Mathematics and MEd
AGE= over 40 year
Experience= 3 year experince Assistant professor in university (Education department)
Adaptibaility : No
plz guide me can i get green card for denmark

Malik khan

Anonymous said...

Hi Comrade,
Request you to please calculate my points:
B.Com (1999)
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. (2001)
Experience = 7 Years (Marketing Manager)
IELTS = 6.5
Please reply ASAP so that i may file application?


Anonymous said...

My details:
1. (Management)
2.Language :University=Bangla, Office= English Graphic Designer In a Danish join venture IT outsource company.= 5 years.
4.Adaptability= NO
5. Age29
am I eligible for Immigration To Denmark.and will I have to take IELTS exam? General or academic and score needed? please......

Anonymous said...

1. Education - M.Sc
2. Language skills (eg IELTS score) - 6.0
3. Work experience (Your post qualification full time work experience, your designation)- 3 yrs, Telecom Engineer
4. Adaptability (Any qualification or experience in Denmark)
5. Age - 30 yrs

Md. Kamrul said...

I am kamrul Hasan.Request you to please calculate my points:
Education :-
B.Sc in Mechanical Engineer-04 Years
Medium of instruction: English
Age :- 29+ years
experience:- 2+ years as a Mechanical Engineer(O & M) and
Now I working as a Head of Quality Control Department in a Ranking one PVC pipe manufacturing company in Bangladesh.

May I qualify for the denmark green card ?
Calculate my point accordingly.My e-maid ID:

Anonymous said...

Please assist me to guide my points.
1. Education = B.Com(3 years)
2. Language skills = 6.5 IELTS overall
3. Work experience = 6+ years of experience as IT System Analyst, Software Developer
4. Adaptability = No
5. Age = 28 years.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Qualification: MBA & mASTERS IN eCONOMICS
iELTS sCORE: 6.0
Adaptibility: NO
Age: 29 years

Abdullah said...

I am Abdullah

Education:B.Sc. Computer Engineering(4 Year)
Language Skill:IELTS 6
Work Experience:3 Years
No Adaptability

Please Check my point

Anonymous said...


my self kunjal soni may anyone please calculate my points!
1. Education: MSc in lifesciences/biosciences
2. Language skills (eg IELTS score)6.5
3. Work experience (Your post qualification full time work experience, your designation)4 years in industry & 2 years in academics
4. Adaptability (Any qualification or experience in Denmark)
5. Age 28 years

Anonymous said...

Name: Kazi Faisal Akbar
Education: MBA (Finance & Accounts)
Language skills: IELTS score 5.5
Work Experiences:
01.07.2004 - 30.09.2006 - Senior Executive (Finance & Accounts)
01.10.2006 - 30.06.2009 - Senior Executive (Supply Chain)
01.07.2009 - Present - Assistant Manager (Procurement & Monitoring)
Age: Born in 15.03.1977

Please calculate my points

Anonymous said...

HI All,
I am Pradeep from India,Please find information below:

1. Education = Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
2. Language skills = 77 in TOEFL IBT
3. Work experience = 4 years work experience as Mechanical Design Engineer
4. Adaptability = No
5. Age = 26 years

Please Can someone calculate my points for Denmark green card


Anonymous said...

Please let me know whether I qualify or not for Green Card.

1. Education - B.Tech IT
2. Language skills - B.Tech in English, work exp in English
3. Work experience (Your post qualification full time work experience, your designation) - 4 years in Telecommunication - Software Developer
4. Adaptability (Any qualification or experience in Denmark) - None
5. Age - 26


Anonymous said...

can any one tell me points for BS hons(4 years)

mahin said...

I am Mahinuzzaman from Bangladesh. Request you to please calculate my points:

Education :-
B.Com.(Pass)-02 Years
M.Com.(Accounting)-02 Years
Total years of education 16.

Age :- 31 years

Ielts : 5.5 band

experience:- 8 years as a Manager (Accounts &Finance) in a Textiles company in Bangladesh.

May I qualify for the denmark green card ?
Calculate my point accordingly.My e-maid ID:


Reply soon.


Anonymous said...

Qualification: PGDBA
IELTS: 6.0

Anonymous said...

I am Joarder Mahinuzzaman from Bangladesh.Request you to please calculate my points:

Education :-
B.Com.(Pass)-02 Years
M.Com.(Accounting)-02 Years
Accounting Technicians - 02 Years

Age :- 31 years

Ielts : 5.5 band

experience:- 8 years as a Manager (Accounts & Finance)in a Textiles Industries in Bangladesh.

May I qualify for the denmark green card ?
Calculate my point accordingly.My e-maid ID:

Anonymous said...

Please claculate my one also

1: Education :- 4 years Engg in Electronic and communication

2: Language :- in English, Full time work also English and IELTS 5.5 band (AC)

3: Work experience :- 2 years as a Oracle Database Administrator

4: Age:- 25

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Please let me know if i qualify for the Danish Green card:

1) Age : 40 yrs 2 months
2) In Positivie List: Yes, IT Profession
3) Education: BE followed by 2 years PGDIT( Distance education)
4) TOEFL iBT: 96 of 120
5 Work experience: 10 years in IT
6) Adaptability: No

Thanks in advance,

ankur said...


Please evaluate my points. Following are my details:

Name : Ankur Dhull

Age : 27years

Education : Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Sc. Duration 4years) from MD university, Rohtak Haryana

Work Experience : 5 years 6 months as Software engineer

Language Skills : 7.5 band in IELTS

Adapdability : None

Thanks !

Bilal Malik said...

Dear Sir I am Bilal Malik going to apply for denmark immigration kindly calculate my points.
1. Education : Masters in Information Technology.
2. Language Skills : 7 Bands in IELTS
3. Work Experience 1 year.
4. Adaptibility : NO
5. Age : 25 years old

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Gurdeep Singh from Australia, I have completed my Masters in Commerce (Professional Accounting). I request you to calculate my points for getting Denmark's Green card.

I have already score points in following areas:
1. Master's Degree = 60 points + 10 bonus points as my qualification is in Positive list under Academic work (Accountant)
2. Age = 15 points (As I am 24 yrs. old)
3. Language Proficiency = 20 points (As I already scored 6.0 IELTS score in English)

Total = 105 points

Apart from it I have 18 months work experience in Sales which I think also comes under the Positive list and I hopefully get 10 points for that.

I request you to guide me with accurate points, I earned with the help of above information.


Your's Sincerely,


Anonymous said...

hi i m nadia from bangladesh. i m married, and have a son. i want to migrate to denmark with family. please calculate my points from below information of me.

1. Education: B.Sc in Computer Science
2. No IELTS. (i'll sit for IELTS Asap)
3.Work Exp: 6 years.(project manager - software engineer)
4. age:32



Anonymous said...

1.Education= Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering (16 year of eduaction)
2. Language IELTS band= 6.5
3. work experience = 05 years
4.adapbility = No
5. Age = 28 year
please calculate my points. please let me know that Bachelor of Engineering (16 year of education) is equivalent to master or not?
Name: Nayan Sarkar

Anonymous said...

dear sir/mam,
i have done Masters in Education and my medium of instruction was English. i am 34 years old. i have more than 7 years experience of university Administration in Exam office. i am married and have one 2 years old daughter. my husband is H/Doctor and also good in Korean Language.
please do let me know either i am eligible or not.
saima mushtaq

Anonymous said...

Please let me know if I am eligible
AGE- 29

Anonymous said...

I am Masum Sarker,
education- M.Sc & M B A
Experience- 4 years Lecturer in College
age-31 years,
language- IELTS-avg 6.5
Please let me now do i Qualify ?

Anonymous said...


I am Moazam.
Education: MBA-Finance,IT and PGD in Computer sciences 1 years program.
Age: 28
Job Exp: 5 Years
Positive List Exp: Yes


Moazam Ali

Anonymous said...

1. Education- Bachelors in Pharmacy
MBA from Heriott watt University,UK ( in Proces )
2. Language skill ( Ielts- 6.5)
3. Work experience- More than 3 years expereince in pharmaceuticals.
4. Age- 28
5. Adaptbaility- No
Muhammad Amin Siddiqui

Anonymous said...

am in agronomy
job experience 3 years
age 29 years
education in english

Anonymous said...

My Name Rudra
B. Sc in Chemical Engg 4 years
M. Sc in Logistics 1 Year from Nanayang Technological University, Singapore (Its 71st Uni in World Ranking)
29 Years old
1 Year exp as Production Engineer
05 Month exp as Sales Manager (Chemical Product)
1 Year Experience as Project Coordinator in project Management Dept (Its a supply chain Dept)...still continuing
How much my score pls let me know?

gmglasgow said...

Dear Asssessor

I am Goutam Mattagaj and i intend to apply for danish visa under the green cad scheme. I would seek your assistance to assess my points prior to my application . below are my credibilites for the calcylation

Education: MSc(PGDip.) in Electronics and electrical engineer from University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Langauage Skills: IELTS 6.5

Work experience: 1 year and plus in the relevent field and 1 year in the non-concerned field as a technocal support customer service agent for virgin media in the UK.

Adaptibilty: Yes ( MSc in the Glasgow University, Scotland, UK)

Age: 27

I am lookign forward to listen from you as per your earliest convenience an must thnak you very much for your kind help.

it would be nice if you could drop an email to me at

With best regards

Anonymous said...

1. Education : LL.B
2. IELTS 5.5 band
3. I did my education from English medium Institution of Pakistan.
4. I am a Practicing lawyer.
5. I have no any experience in Denmark.
6. I am married.
Age 29

so, kindly tell me about my points.

your sincerely.


Anonymous said...

1.Qualification LL.B

2.I studied in English medium from SSC upto LL.B.
3. IELTS 5.5 band.
4.Practing Lawyer.
6. 29


ikram advocate

Anonymous said...

Dear,Would u pls calculate my point:
Education-MSc(1 yr).& BSc(4 yrs). in Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering.Then i completed MBA(2 yrs)&Post Graduate Diploma In Personnel Management(1yr)
Language Skill- IELTS-6.0.previous studies from BSc was in english medium
Work Experiance-5+ yrs


Anonymous said...


Dear my education is DAE in electronics 2001 then 4.5 years exp & then B-Tech electronics 2007 & then 3.5 years expr.
my age is 29 years

i have english language letter from collage & company.

please what will be my result.


Anonymous said...

1.beachlor of commerce
2.ielts 5.0
adaptability. no
3.age 30yrs experience in taxation n audit..5 yrs
i want to know how can i apply for sweden visa and what are my points?i want to go for the job and studies also.please send me reply on


jagbir said...

Hi comrade,
I m G.k,request you to calculate my points for Green Card.
Bachlour of commerce: 03years study
Master of commerce: 01year study
Age: 28years old
Experience: 3year and 4months as a assistent accountant.
No IELTS but good english.I m studying in denmark and have finished one year study(2 semesters in computer science).
I also know little danish(basic)and still learning danish.
Please let me know do I need IELTS.

Anonymous said...


I am planning to immigrate to Denmark but the problem is some of the consultant people saying that my designation is not in 'Positive List' but some of the consultants saying that its there. My Designation is 'QA Engineer' in a software organization. I even saw in official website but they have not mentioned my designation but some of other sites eg. - its there in their list.

Please suggest any one, thanks in advance.


Amit Sharma said...

Hi Comrade,

Can you please calculate point for my qualification
MCA (Regular, from Private university, India)
Exp: 3 Yrs
Domain: IT (QA)
Age 27 Yrs
All education in english medium

Thanks in advance

ashok said...

Sir I am From India, I have PG(MCA),English Certificate university giving, Age-28, I have job experience also 2yrs as a software developer, I am looking for GREENCARD scheme about DENMARK, Plz give the details How much time it will be take If I am submitting this month,total processing details give me
thanking you sir
Ashok reddy.v

Anonymous said...

I am Farhan. I am requesting you to please calculate my points:

Education : B.Com.
Age : 30 years
Ielts : 7.0 overall band
Experience:- 4.5 years.

Do I qualify for the denmark green card?

Please calculate my point & let me know at -

Reply soon.



Anonymous said...


JAN 29,2010

syed farhan said...


I have done Bachelors in Computer and Information Technology (16 years of education),
Age 28
Work experince ------7 year included in (Postive List)
IELTS----6 / Letter avaialble from employeer as well
How many points can i have

Farhan Ali

syed farhan said...

Hi, can you please tell me , if im eligible

Education------Bachelors in computer and Information Technology (16 years of education)
IELTS-----6 or Letter from company for english proficiency.
Work experience------3 years in Dubai as IT Manager and 5 years in pakistan as Oracle Programmer.
Age -------28


Farhan Ali

Anonymous said...

1. Education - Bachelors
2. Language skills (eg IELTS score) = --
3. Work experience (Your post qualification full time work experience, your designation) - 4 years - Account & Relations Manager
4. Adaptability (Any qualification or experience in Denmark)- ---
5. 35

Please assist me in calculating points for danish greencard.
Thanks Aly

Anonymous said...

please telll my points
1.MBA from UK OBU
2.Language ielts 6.5
3.Work ex It manager nearly 2.5 yrs
5. age 26yrs

Anonymous said...

I want to Know am I eligible for Denmark Green Card or not my particulars are:
Education: Masters from Australia
Age: 24
Ielts: 7 each & overall 7
Work Experience 2years prior to masters
Can anyone tell me abt that.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me abt points:
Education : Masters from Australia
Age: 24
Ielts: 7 each & overall 7
Experience: 2years prior to Masters

looking forward to hear from you guys

Anonymous said...

hi i m sara .
i have done in chemistry .
age 29yrs
ielts 6 bands
4.5 yrs work experience as secondary school teacher .
calculate my points for denmark green card

Anonymous said...

name Belayet Hossain
I am a M.A,
work experience 5 years(my experience in your possitve list), age 30 years,please calculate my point for immigration/green card in denmark.
Belayet Hossain

haroon said...

Age 25
Education MIT
Experience 2 years
Ielts band 6.0
please calculate my experience

Wahida Najneen said...

Hello, i'm Wahida Najneen. My age is 28 & married. I complete my honors and masters in Fine Arts. And working in fashion house about 1 year, as a fashion designer. My IELTS score in 5.5.
Can you kindly tell me how i can apply for immigration at Denmark & how much score i need to apply. Or you can suggest me any web address where i can find my answer.
Wahida Najneen

Anonymous said...

Hello Assesor,

I am interested to move Denmark, Kindly evaluate my points.
1- Qualif: Bachelors of Engr (Electronics)
2- Language Skills: IELTS has to be appear.
3- Experience: Eight years in Cement process Instrumentation.
4- Adoptively: Non.
5: Age: 31 years.

Anonymous said...

Education - MBA from uk
work experience - 4 years
no experience in denmark
age - 34
plz could you tell me my points for denmark immigration
Name - javed mehmood

irfan said...

saba from pakistan
education LLb 3 years
MA pol science
2 years practice in highcourt
age 30 years
tell me about points

Anonymous said...

I did MBA from UK and teaching method was obviousely in English. I have also about 5 year working experience in telecom let me know either i qulified for it or not.
AGE 35

Anonymous said...


Im Dr. Haider Ali. Basically a Veterinarian, My Bio-data is as under.
Please some one calculate my Points.

1. Education = MSC Microbiology
2. Language skills = 10 years course work study in English medium
3. Work experience = 1 year. As Veterinary officer/Instructor.
4. Adaptability = No
5. Age = 26 years

One more Question:- I would like to continue my PHD studies in Denmark along with some job. Is it easy in Denmark?


li said...

education: master in hydrology
language skill: IELTS:7
Work expereince:1year and 4months
adaptability: no


Anonymous said...

My name is Nicole

1. I have a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design / Illustration from a 4 year University
2. I am a native English speaker, I also am proficient in Spanish but have not taken a DELE test or anything like it.
3. I have worked 3 years of part-time in retail during University
4. I have no experience in Denmark
5. I am 23 years old

Thank you!

Thank you

Anonymous said...


i wanted to know that still denmark is allowing green card coz according to my knowlege they have stoped the green card Atleast from India.

Please revert on this
Thanx in Advancer

Anonymous said...

I am from india and would like to apply for Danish Green Card. I was wondering if any one could help me out.

My profile

education : M.B.A ( HRM ) distance education

age : 28

work experience : 4 years of B.P.O ( not listed in the positive list )

ILETS score : overall 7 band

please let me know if i quallify for the green card and the fund required.

email adress:



Handsome said...

Dear Sir,

1. Education : MBA, BE Electronic & Telecommunication

2. Age : 27

3. English : I have done my MBA & BE in english medium, i have Proficiency Certificate + i working in MNC where english is compulsory, i get the certificate.

4. Work Exp.: I have more than 3 years work experience ( In the field of Product Spec. which in Danish positive list).

So please calculate the my point.

With regards,


Anonymous said...

4 years Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D V M).1 year M B A. Total 17 years
Proficiency Certificate from University And Employer
Working as a Veterinary Surgeon for 10 Years.
No adaptability
age 36 Years

DR Raihan

qasim said...

Hi please calculate my points

Education LLM: From a Euoropean Univeristy falling in top 100-200 (108)

LLB Univeristy of Northumbria UK

Experiance: 1 year as a legal assistant (positive List)

Language: IELTS 7

Age: 22

With regards

fayaz said...

i am MBA (Finance), work experience 3 years, aga 38,

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Name = Musharraf
Age= 44 years
Education = MBA (Finance)
Work Experience = 11 Years (PTCL)
IELTS in 2005 (Band 5.5)
Computer Courses

Kindly can I qualify for Denmark Immigration or Work permit?

Anonymous said...

education : Bsc Petrochemicals

experience : 8 years as Chemist

age :29

Ielts : doing


shibli said...

Hi Dear,

I have completed MS in Geography and Environment(4 Years bachelor degree) . Academic result is throughout first class. I have worked as a teaching assistant in GIS lab in the University of Dhaka for about six months. Now i am working as a officer in Rupali Bank limited ( One of the state owned bank in Bangladesh) for about one year. IELTS score 5.5.
Am I eligible for Denmark Greeencard?

Gulshan said...

i have MSc. computer science(16 years of education) from pakistan, and now doing my MS in information engineering and management(2 years) in sweden and thesis remaining and living in sweden from almost two years , have 5 year of experience as Network administrator , medium of instruction is english , age 28 years. my university is jonkoping , whether i qualify for the green card

Anonymous said...

Dear All
1.Education-Master in Private Law
2.Language skills(IELTS score)=5.5
3.Work experience (full time)=10 yrs as a judge,legal advisor and lecturer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir or Madam
1.Education=Masters degree in private law
2.Language skill(IELTS score)=5.5
3.Work experience= 10 yrs as a judge,legal advisor and lecturer.
4.Adaptability= No
6.Name=Amir Hossein

Anonymous said...

Education=Master's degree in private law.
Language skills(IELTS)=5
Work experience=10 yrs as a judge,legal advisor and lecturer.
Could you pls check my points?
My email=

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for having such a nice forum.

i am in my last year of master program from Sweden. and completed a Post graduate diploma in business management , how many points can i get on the above basis .

Anonymous said...

Mohammad Akhter Hossain
PhD in Marketing
Post- Marketing Manager
Education backgroung english

Anonymous said...

Hi folk,

If you can not calculate your own point, please do not apply for Danish GC. The point calculation is straight forward. If you can not do this small job, you will not survive in Denmark (Unless you have black money)

Anonymous said...

Education:M Phil (Physics)
Language Skill:IELTS 6.5
Work Experience:5 Years Teaching at college and university Level
Adaptability: ok

Please Check my point

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

my name is umair
i have done MSc Computer Sciences
possess 5 years working experience in IT
IELTS score 7
age 32 years

Anonymous said...


Can you let me know the points

Qualifications : B.COM , M.COM

Experience : 8years

Age : 39 years


Anonymous said...

bharat chaudhary
education-bachlor in commerce
p.g.d.c.a. 1 year study
age-28 years
exp.-4 years in computer instructor
i.e.l.t.s.- NO

SALIL said...

Hello, Please inform my score,
1. Education -
a. Bachelors Degree Hotel Management,4yrs, India
b. PG Diploma Retail Management,18mnths, London
2. Language kills- IELTS - Score 7
3. Total Work exp 6.5 yrs as a Sales Officer, Department Manager,Merchandising Manager & 16mnths as a Senior Sales Advisor, Debenhams, London UK.(Included in the total work exp.)
4. No adaptability
5. Age 19yrs
Wife is an Occupational therapist, education from London with 16 mnths experience as a Community Carer & as an Occupational therapist in India for 3 months.


Anonymous said...

Name Naeem Akhtar
1. Education = MBA
2. Language skills = NO IELTS
3. Work experience = 6 years work experience as BANKER
4. Adaptability = No
5. Age = 39 years

Can someone calculate my points for Denmark green card Or Blue Card

Utter said...

Hi could you calculate my points plz .

Education :Master Degree in professional Accounting- 2 years in australia.

Experience : Accountant 3 year in nepal.

IELTS - overall 6.5

Age : 30 yrs

Thanks for your calculation in advance.


Anonymous said...

1. Education- MBA
2. Language- English University + IELTS 6.5
3. Work Experience- 1.5 yers as an Accountant
4. Age - 24 years


Atiqur Rahman Khan

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Could you please help me calculating my points, please.

1. Education - MSc Computer Science, Diploma in IT, MCSE, PGD IT, MSc Forensic Computing (In Progress from UK)
2. Language skills: - I am currently studying at University of Bradford, UK. Do I still need IELTS.?
3. Work experience (10 Years at different positions, mostly as Network Administrator)
4. Adaptability: - No
5. Age 33

Anonymous said...

1. Education - BIM(Bachelors In Information Management)

2. Work experience- 3 years as an IT Officer (from where i can see the positive list for job experience)

3. Age- 26

4. IELTS- overall 7 (speaking- 6.5, writing- 6.5, reading 7, listening- 8)

Santosh Manandhar. Please calculate my point. Thanks in advance..

Anonymous said...

hi..could anyone plz help me calculating my points for Denmark PR-

1. Education Bachelors In Information Management

2. Work exp 3 years as an IT Officer

3. IELTS 7 overall (Speaking 6, Reading 7, Writing 6 and Listening 8)

4. Age 26

Santosh Manandhar

imran said...

Hi All

I am a graduate in Computer science with 16years of education.
Professional Experience= 10 Months as Data Analyst + 1.5 Year as IT Consultant + 1.4 Year as Database Administrator.
Age: 27
IELTS= 7 Overall

Please inform me about the experience of holding different positions and my points in this scenario.
Looking for your reply


Anonymous said...

Hi my qualifications are

Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA)
Qualified in England
Work Experience - 7 Years in England
Age = 40 Years

At present I am a Managing Director for an Export Company in India.

Would I qualify for a Danish Green Card
Please let me know


Anonymous said...

Education: M.Com (Management) B.Ed (Economics)
Age : 29
Experience approx 6.9 years. (3 years in international school teaching IGCSE and IB)
Adaptability: No
Language Skills: Have been teaching in dubai for 2 years.

sreelakshmi said...

Dear All,

Hi, I am Sree. Request you to kindly calculate my points:
Education :-
MBA - Human Resource-02 years course
Diploma in Ceramic Technology- 03 years
Pre University-Science-02 Years
from 01 to 10 standard-13 Years
Age :- 38 years
IELTS : will be taking by this Oct-10, already finished online courses
experience:- 10 years working as an Executive Assistant in a Multinational Company in Bangalore
Could you kindly let me know if I could qualify for the Denmark Green card ?
Calculate my point accordingly.My e-maid ID:

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,

1. Education = Master of Business Administration(MBA)from Tribhuwan:10+6=16 years study from University(TU),Kathmandu, Nepal.25 units(250 hours) diploma level professional degree from University of Clifornia,UCR,USA
2. Language skills = employer and university certificate of english skills
3. Work experience = 10 years work experience as Branch Manager in a Bank(Management field)
4. Adaptability = No
5. Age = 36 years
Can you please let me know the score?
Many Thanks
Gobind from Kathmandu

ravi said...

can anybody please advise, if i am eligible for Danish residency and opportunities there. how long is the process for immigration?

education: Msc (organic chemistry) and Bachelor of Education(B.ed)
finishing Diploma in Community Welfare next month in Australia (presently living in Australia from 2 years)

Age: 31
Ielts: 6.5 (studies in english medium)

country of origin: India

Experience: 4 years as Chemistry faculty in India.

no experience or education from Denmark.

Thanks ,

Anonymous said...

can someone help me that how many point i can get from bangladesh 3 honours and 1 year masters or pgd from uk

AYUBI said...


Anonymous said...


education:Master Degree(M.A)
work Exp:9 years (IT filed)
Master Degree English Medium

Anonymous said...

hi all
i'm from nepal and would like to know about my eligibility for danish green card and have following descriptions......
name : Bikash Shrestha
Education: 3 years diploma in hotel management(non university)(2004) from india after my higher school which is equivalent to bachelor degree in in hotel management by university in nepal and then 2 years master degree in Business studies(2007)total 17 years of aeducation
work experience: After diploma 1 year full time and then part time as a teacher in variouus higher secondary school for 2 years and again 1 year as a full time teacher for bachelor level for 1 year

shebi said...

1. Education MBA Marketing 16 years of education completed in 2008
2. Language skills IELTS 6.0 acadamic
3. Work experience 2008-present full time, 2006-2008 part time) Marketing manager
4. Adaptability NO
5. Age 23

Anonymous said...

I request to all kindly calculate my points
1. Education - Masters in Economics
2. ILETS - No
3. Work Experiance - (11 years in different Fields 7 years in Banking sector)
4. No Work experiance in Denmark
5. Age - 42 years

Name - Tariq Mahmood

chikkodi said...


Any help to calculate my Points;
Qualification: MBA and M.Phil
Experience: 1.6 years Channel sales and distribution handling
Age: 27

Anonymous said...

i m electronics and communication engineer
i wish to calculate my points to denmark green card.. could some one plz help me in that...

1. my education is = in ECE , MBA in I.T , MSc in computer science , in ECE , (3 year diploma)in ECE , 1-year diploma in motor mechanic , 1-1 year certificate couse in french & spanish language from university..

2. language = yes english is the language at my work in teaching and also i hv completed my whole study in this language throughout university..
i am also good at french and spanish languages..

3. work & expe = i m working as assistant professor from last 3 years at haryana in a raputed engineering college...

4. no

5. my age = im 26 on this 30th aug 2010.


mandeep said...

Hello Dear

I want to know about my score for Denmark Green Card. All details are given below.

1) I have done BCA and Msc(IT) in India
2) My age is 29
3) Ielts score are 5.5
4) I am a programmer Analyst with 1.6 years of experience
5) Adaptivity- No

Could you please let me know about my scores? and what are the points for 3 of years bachelor degree completed in India?

Please let me know about these all. I will wait for your positive response.


c world said...


Just one question. Why do those Denmark green card sites say that you can score upto 30 points for language, when the highest selection gives you only 20. Very confusing, do you know why?

BABAR said...

BSc 2year
Msc 2year
M.Phil(Master of Philosophy) 2year.
MSc(system On Chip Design from Lund University Sweden)2008-2010(continue)
English Skill: studying an International Program in sweden in English.
Date of Birth 04/05/1984.

asad said...

i am graduate from punjab university.i am also oracle certified professional(dba)track.i have got 5.5 band in ielts(general training)i am 36 year old and want to get danish immigration.

Faisal said...

Hi dear My Name is Faisal Ashraf
Plz Calculate my points
My qualifucation is MBA
Age is 25 Years
Experience is 3 Years
IELTS =5.5 Band

Anonymous said...

education MSC Software Engineering from UK
2 years work experience in uk as technical support advisor
i am in uk for last 4 years
no adaptability
age 31

Ashish said...

I am Ashish Sharma...Please can you help me out to calculate the points for green card,,

Education - MBA (from india)
Work Experirnce - one and half year in sales and marketing.
Language skills - i dont have any IELTS but i have document of english language from my college and employer.
Adaptability - I m living in denmark from last 3 yrs.I m studing IT and Networks here..
Age - 26

please reply as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

Dear assesor, I am an MA in English followed by one year BEd from Nepal.I am 32 years and have 3 years of secondary level teaching experience. If I apply for the secondary school teacher as per the positive list then will I be eligible for the danish green card scheme.
Rajendra Sharma

Anonymous said...

Education MIT (Master in Information technology)

Age 29 years

IELTS score 5.0

Work Experiance 1 year (System Engineer)

can i get some points on the basis of certifications like ccna ccnp of MCITP

Idrees Rajper

Anonymous said...

Education- Masters in pharmaceutical chemistry
working experience-4.5 years (my experience is in your positive list).
pls let me know my point and can i immigrate to Denmark?

raheel mustafa said...

HI there! my age is 28 years and i have 18 years of education in agriculture sciences and one month training from germany. I have two years of work experience and i want to get immigration of denmark. my education was in english and i have ielts score band 6.0. Raheel Mustafa

Robin said...

Hi ,

Pls assist me to calculate the point for immigration purpose.

Qualification :M.Sc Physics
Job : Business Analyst ( Investment banking )
Exp. 4 yrs
Meduim of Education : English


Anonymous said...

I am MBA graduate with 3 years exeperience into educational services field. My IELTS score band is 6.5 . My age is 24. And no adapatability .

Please guide me out

sejal said...

Education:Masters in political sicence $ sociology as extwrnal from gujarat university
Experience:6 year (in media & sale)
Language Skills:IELTS 5.5

Srinivas said...

Hi dear
my qualifications are
Bachelors = BS Mechanical Engg 4year
AGE= 36 year
Experience= 13 year experince In IT SAP
plz guide me can i get green card for denmark

Anonymous said...

HI,please calculate my points.

1. Education = 3 years honors(B.Ed hons)+ 1 year masters (M.Ed)+ 2 years MBA

2. Language skills =last degree medium of instruction English + Official language instruction (job) English

3. Work experience = 3 years work experience as Administrative Officer

4. Adaptability = No

5. Age = 29 years

Thanking you.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone calculate points for Denmark Green Card Scheme:

Nationality: Indian
Age: 45 Years, 6 Months (DOB 15/11/1964)
Qualifications: MBA (from IGNOU)
Post Qualification Experience: 14+ Years (Current Designation: General Manager)
Total Experience: 25+ Years (in West Africa, Middle East & India)
Current Profile: Managing IT Training & Education business
Adaptability: No
IELTS: 7.0
Professional Certifications: MCT, MCSE, MCDBA, MCSA, MCP, CCNA
Medium of Education: English from Class I to MBA

Do I qualify for Denmark Green Card?
I would appreciate if you can also mail me at

Arfan Baig said...

Hi there,
Here are my specs:

1. Education: BSc hons (Computer Science) 4 years.
2. Language skills IELTS score: 7
3. Experience: 3 Years as a Software Engineer/Developer
4. Adaptability : No
5. Age: 25

Please let me know my points score.

Thanks in anticipation!
Arfan Baig

sandy said...

hello i am seema i am GNM with more than 4 yr experience after my 10+2 i am married. my husband is B.COM degree holder. i want to settle in Denmark. please provide me detail and points eligibilty.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Here are my specifications:

1. Education: BSc hons (Agriculture economics) 16 years of education
. Language skills IELTS score: 6.5 with no band less than 6
3. Experience: 3 Years as a farm manager
4. Adaptability : No
5. Age: 26
6. Married: spouse education is 17 years doc of pharmacy with 2 year of working exp in hospital.

Please let me know my points score.
Thanks in anticipation!
Fahad Malik

Anonymous said...

Name- Bikram singh
Age- 26yrs
Qualification- master in commerce
Ielts- 5.5 band
Experience- 2year as an internal auditor
e mail-
Can someone calculate my points for Denmark green card


Anonymous said...

i have master degree (16 years)education from pakistan and I have one year master degree from sweden also. How much educational point I will receive.
Name.. Tayyab bgh

Anonymous said...

hi dears,
My name is Tajammal khan,
Education: BSIT(4 years).MBA(Finance).
Experience: 4 support Engineer, Lecturer, Assistant Director HEC
Age: 28 yrs

Anonymous said...


My Name is Satheesh.
Eduction : MCA
Exp : 5.5 Years Software Engineer.
Age: 30
IELTS : 5.5

Kindly Calculate My Point.

Thanks & Regards

Anonymous said...

Its a good source of taking information and taking. but sorry to say there is no one guide is available to answer now ? as i read out sequence of people's questions.


Anonymous said...

my details is given below for denmark immigration.

MCS in computer science 16 years education
work experience 8 years

Anonymous said...

Request you to please calculate my points:
educational qualification :
bachelors in science(3 yrs)
masters in mathematics(2 yrs)
bachelors of education(1 yr)
work experience:2 years as a teacher in school
age:22 years(1987 born)
language skill no IELTS but can speak english fluently
cld u pls help me calculate my points?whether my husband is also eligible to work their with me?

marital status :married

Anonymous said...

Hi Comrade
I am Ritesh Tailor from Surat, Gujarat, INDIA
Please tell me what are the opportunities for me in Denmark, Below is my detail
1. Education- Ph.D. (Analytical Environmental Chemistry)
2. Language skills (English)still not appear for IELTS (how many bands are required?)
3.Work experience (NIL)Just going to complete Ph.D.
4. Adaptability (NIL)
5. Age 27


Assad said...

Can u plz calculate my points;
Paki National;

1. Education: B.Sc Mechanical Engg (16yrs)
2. Age: 29 yrs
3. Work Experience 6 yrs (Oil & Gas Industry)
4. i didnt appear in IELETS etc but all my education was in English.


Anonymous said...

Please calculate my points for GC eligibility

1. Education = MBA(Hospitality Management from UK)
2. Language skills = 6.5 Band in IELTS taken in 2007 May
3. Work experience = 5 years work experience in Switzerland and UK Hotel Industry as Bartender and F&B supervisor and 5 years of work experience in teaching Hotel Management Studies in India in Colleges. (total 10years).
4. Adaptability = No
5. Age = 31 years
6. Married.

Joby Kappen

Anonymous said...

1. Education = BCS (03 years and MBA Finance) (17 years in total )
2. Language skills = 6 Band in IELTS
3. Work experience = 4 years work experience as IT Consultant
4. Adaptability = No
5. Age = 29 years

Can someone calculate my points for Denmark green card my mail id is

Anonymous said...

1.Qualification, M.A English and PGD in TEFL(1 year)
2.English language proficiency, IELTS 5.5
3.Age 33 years. experience, 7 years in Teaching English.
Muhammed Qasim khan

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am Anup Kumar Saha and from Bangladesh. I want to know abt my points for Denmark GreenCard.
Can I Apply for Denmark Greencard?
Request you to please calculate my points:
Education: B.Sc & M.Sc in Physics,
Then I completed M.B.A- Major in Marketing
Experience: 5 yrs doing job as an Asst. Manager (Sales & Marketing Department)

Spouse Detail
Education: B.Sc & M.Sc in Botany
Experience: 1 year. Doing job as a Teacher (Primary School Teacher)

Daughter: 01
She is 2 years old.

May I qualify for the denmark greencard ?
Calculate my point accordingly.My e-maid ID:

Reply soon.

Thanks & Regards,
Anup Kumar Saha

muaaznadeem said...

I have one question. I am from PAKISTAN. I have BSc (HONS.) degree in Agriculture and which cover 16 years of education. I have 8 years experiance in marketting in relevent field. category.

Please let me know about this.

Thanking in advance.
Abdul Samad Nadeem

gagu said...

education: M.Sc Physics,B.Ed(18 years in total)
Language skill: 6 bands in IELTS
Age: 24 years
work experience : 1 year as physics lecturer at polytechnic college
adaptability: no

i'm gagan sandhu from faridkot,punjab INDIA....can u calculate my points to imigrate denmark.....please send result on my id..


yahoo said...

Hi ,
I am rajkumar Sharma
Plz calculate my points for PR to DENMARK...

Name Rajkumar Sharma
D.O.B 02/04/1976
Nationality Indian
Education B.Com. LL.B.
Expriance 9 years(Marketing)
Working as Senior Territory Manager with Max Newyork Life INSURANCE CO.


Anonymous said...

I am a M.pharm, ph.d Engineer(civil), 18 years of education,work experience 5 years(my experience in your possitve list), age 30 years,IELTS: 5.5 band, please calculate my point for immigration/green card in denmark.

Dr. Mukesh S patel

Anonymous said...

1. Education- B.A.(hons) M.A. in English
2.Language skills (eg IELTS score)= 6.5
3.Work experience= 12 years
4.Age-39 & 6 months
5. Married.
6. Spouse= M.A.
7. Children= 2
Pls let me know my score.
Md. Zahirul Islam Bhuiyan
June 29,2010

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
Qualification: Masters in business Accountancy (Australia)
Agae:30 years
Experience in between Bachelors and Masters Degree: 3 years in accounting.
Adaptability: NO

Best Regards,
Mobi Sanjoo

Anonymous said...


I have the following details:
1. MBA
2.Studied in an english speaking country
3.6 years as a banker
4. age 39yrs
based in Nigeria, West africa
pls help in calcuting my points. am i eligible?.
From NK

ankan said...

1. Education - MBA
2. Age- 28
3. Language- BBA & MBA English Medium
4. Experience- 3 Year
Name: Ankan Prosad Mandal

pinakin said...

Dear Sir,
I am an indian and want to move in denmark on to the base of point system so please guide me and calculate my points,
I Did M.B.A(Marketing)
1 year work experience in the marketing field as a Assistent Sales Manager and As a Agency xecutive.
I Dis bechalor in Science and Also did M.Sc-1,
My age is 30 years
IELTS Score is 6.5

pls let me no wether i am eligible or not and also inform me how to apply for Green Crad and what the process and time.
Pinakin Patel

Anonymous said...

Education- MBA(Distance)
Work experience-3 years in NBFC as Asst Manager & 2 Years In Insurance Underwriting
language skills (IELTS Score)= 5.5
Age -1980 born 30

Anonymous said...

i have done my master in computer science master of policitcal sceince AND PGD IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (UK) BACHELOR OF COMMERCE

Anonymous said...

Need to get immigration of Denmark from Pakistan
1. Education: MBA Finance
2. language Skill: IELTS 7
3. Work Experience:More than 15 yearsof manager Inventory Control in Multinational
4. Adoptability: NO
5. Age : 45 years
Name Zafar Majid

Anonymous said...

I am Wajid Khan. Request you to please calculate my points:
Education :-
MCS -02 Years which equivalent to 16 years of education.
Age :- 31 years
I have English proficiency certificate.
experience:- 2years, 6 months as a Computer Operator in HEC Islamabad and 3 years as Assistant in FATA DA Peshawar.
May I qualify for the denmark green card ?
Calculate my point accordingly.
My e-mail ID:
Reply soon.

Wajid Khan

M. Yousaf said...

hi i am yousaf
education = MA. Economics (16 years of education)
language skill = ielts 6.5 band.
experience = teaching at college level, 5 years.
Age= 29 years old
should i apply for denmark immigration or for green card.

ahmad said...

B.Sc Electrical Engineering 4 year course
IELTS 6.0 Bands
Experiance 1 year as trainee engineer in Worldcall WLL Company
Adaptability one year stay in sweden
age 26 year

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Dr yasir jamil from Pakistan.I want to apply for Danish Green card. I have already applied for Positive Assesment to The National Board of health Denmark. I want to know how much points i can get for my MBBS Degree that is 30 or 50.
I have calculated rest of my points just want to clear about the points my MBBS degree can give.
Experience:- 1 year house job and currently working for NGO (TOTAL 1 AND HALF YEAR)
Positive list:- Yes
Adaptibilty:- nil
Language:- medium of graduation is in English
Waiting for ur anticipation

Anonymous said...

2. Language skills = 6 Band in IELTS
3. Work experience =8years work experience as PHYSIOTHERAPIEST
4. Adaptability = No
5. Age = 33 years

Can someone calculate my points for Denmark green card

deep said...

1. Education- MA Mass Communications
2. Language Skills- though did not take IELTS, but I've got excellent proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and listening.
3. I've been working with radio pakistan as programme producer since 2001.
4. Age. March, 07, 1973

Ahmer Basraa

Anonymous said...

I am from mumbai, want to immigrate to Denmark. Can anybody give me idea where should i apply and who can help in immigration process

Hassan said...

Hi Comrade,

I am from Bangladesh.

1.Education: BBA(Finance),MBA(Finance)
2.Language: IELTS band score 6
3.Work experience: 3yr(1yr as accountant general)
4.Age: 26

Pls calculate my points.


Anonymous said...

1.Education: BBA(Finance),MBA(Finance)
2.Language skill: IELTS 6
3.Work experience: 3yr(1yr as accountant general)


sami said...

My name is sami
i have been living in UK for the last 6 years
my education is
B.Sc (Hons) in Animal Husbandry
Post Graduate Diploma in IT
English Fluent speak, write, read
my age is 32
working in TESCO as a Team Leader for the last 4 years
No Work experience in denmark
can someone pls calculate and guide me towards danish immigration

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Commentator,
I've completed My B.Sc.(Hon's) 3 Years and M.Sc. One Year in Economics, IELTS GT 5.5, Work experience +7 Years In Merchandising (Marketing)and Age 40 Plus Few Months.
Pls Assess my Eligibility.


Anonymous said...


Education - Master Of Commerce (M.Com)
Language - IELTS 5.5 Bands
Work Exp. - 5 Years as Senior Accountant
3 Years as an Accountant
Adaptability - NO
Age - 39


Anonymous said...
work experience-1 year
ILETS-6 Band
please check my points
Baljinder Singh

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
1. Education- Masters of Business Studies
2. Language skills -IELTS 5.5, Language of Office Communication-English
3. Work experience-4 Years+ Banking experience,
and now on serving in aviation industry since 3 months.
4. Adaptability-No
5. Age- 28 Years


Anonymous said...

would you please count my education point,
4 years hons +1 yearmaster in sociology from bangladesh and 1 year master in spatial planning from sweden.


Anonymous said...

Hi I am an MBBS doctor (Cardiologist),Age -32yr,Experience -5 yr and having exellent proficiency in English language .....Am I elegible for Denmark PR.Plz calculate my points.


Tarak said...

my name dinesh
qulification M.PHIL ECONOMICS
age 26
experience 1 year teaching
language ielts 6.5
my total point..?

Aditya said...

Please Calculate My Points
Education:B.Tech Electronics &Telecommunications Engineering
Experience: 3 Years
Language:- Proficiency Reference Letters from University & Employer
Adaptability: No
Age: 26
Current Designation:- IT COORDINATOR

King Regards,
Aditya said...

hello sir/madam..
hws u?
i hv completed my bachelor of physiotherapy in december 2008.i got overall 6.5 bands in ielts.(listening&reading section 6.5&speaking&writing got 6 bands each.gave it january 2010.
i hv 18months of experience in my field.i m 25 years old.
can u plz calculate my points &reply me on my mail address?its
i m dr any extra points if i wl marry?
hwmany points i wl get at present moment?

ur's thakfully,

Anonymous said...

Name : Farrukh Sheraz
Date of Birth : 01/01/1977 Under 34 years
Qualification : Bachelor of Arts from university of peshawar Pakistan.
certificate in Draftsman
English Ability : IELTS 5.0 (recently expired)
Work Experience : satellite and communication for last 13 years.
marital status : single

Anonymous said...

HI,please calculate my point
Education:-BA(hon)in English
MA in English
(16 years of education)
Experence:5 years
My name is Ujjal

Comrade said...

Dear Members,
I am back from world tour. Now you will be responded promptly. Ask your questions in details along with bio data

Comrade said...

Dear Ujaal,
Your MA is giving you edge. As per my opinion you are scoring 100 points.

Comrade said...

Dear Farrukh Sheraz,
Your education is giving you less points so its hard for you to reach at 100

Comrade said...

1. You are scoring 105 points.
2. Marriage will not give you any extra points for immigration.

Comrade said...

Dear Dinesh,
You are scoring 100 points

lava said...

kindly asses my points,
B.SC.otany ,zoology,chemistry.3years degree,
M.Sc.Microbiology 2 years degree
B.Ed one year professional degree,
work experience 11years
as college lecturer 3years,
4years as PGT teacher
3and a half year as Principal Head of institution,
age 39 years,
english skills,equivalent to ielts band 7.5

by lava

rashmi said...

Sorry cant see my post hence reposting:

Qualification: B E (Bachelor of Engineering)

Experience: 15 years, 10 years as a technical writer. Currently a senior technical writer in a US based MNC firm.

English: Proficient, can speak, read and write well.

No Dutch Experience

Age: 40 years.

Pls let me know if I qualify. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi i want to know whether i qulaify for immigration to denmark.
Age : 45
Qualification : Ph.D
Experience : 15

Rajan said...

Dear Accessor
after I.SC(intermediate in science) i moved to Sydney from Nepal. i finished cert iii ( patisserie)( 1 year) Diploma of Accounting(1 year) and Diploma of business management( 1 year) here in Sydney. I have been working in baker( related to my course for few months.
I have 7.5 in IELTS with 7 in three bands and 8.5 in listening.
I am now 20 yrs old.
could you do point counting for me?
Thanking you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Education MA in Public Addministration from Punjab university Chandigarh India
Languages Skills Fluent English
Work Experience Bussinessman for last 6 yrs
Age 33yrs

May I qualify for the denmark green card ?
Calculate my point accordingly plz


Anonymous said...

Dear Please have a look and tell me what Score i got.
B.A.(Private).2years degree,
M.Sc.Computer Science Full 2 years degree
Post Graduate Diploma IT professional Level 7 UK, 1 Year.
Post Graduate Diploma Business Admin professional Level 7 UK, 1 Year.
work experience = Last 1 year and 7 month Exp in positive list.
3.8 Year Exp as Admin, Trainer, Manger in UK
Age = 39.8 years,
English skills = 3.8 Year Work and 2 Year study in UK

Comrade said...

Dear Rashid,
You may get 100 points. Apply before 40 otherwise you will loose golden points

Anonymous said...

This is zeeshan my profile is as below

1.Education= Msc.Chemistry 16 year of education + one year Diploma in Bachelor of Eduction)

2. Language IELTS band= 6.5 (done in 2008 would it be valid)

3. work experience = 05 years as Teacher of A-LEVELs (REGISTER INSTITUTION OF CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY)

4.adapbility = No

5. Age = 31 year

kindly calculate my marks


Anonymous said...

My credentials are as follows. Please help me calculating points for me

BCS (69 credit hours) 2 years
MCS (59 credit hours) 1 year
total = 15 years

Work Experience (7 years):
1-9 Months as Software Engineer
2-Private Tutor
3-Call Center Quality Officer
4-Telecom Support Operations Officer

Engligh :
IELTS 6.5 band
Can also provide certificate of English

31 years

Best regards

Anonymous said...

I am Farhana Khan. Bsc in Computing and Information System, IELTS 6.5, 1 Year work experience in High Commission of Brunei in Dhaka, Age 25.
Please calculate my points.

Farhana Khan

farhan said...

Education: ACCA (UK)
IELTS: 6.5
Work experience: 4 Years as Senior Auditor in EY
Adaptablitiy: No
Age: 27 Years


Anonymous said...

Hi I am Pavneet kaur
I want to get pr in denmark
qualification B.A
Language Skills Ielts 6 bands
work experience 4 years Teacher
Age 26

Asif said...

BSc Engineering (4 years)
Ms Engineering (2 years)
IELTS (6.5)
Work Experience (2 years)
Age (29)


Anonymous said...

pls help with my points for denmark green card

i have

MBA from india and i completed my MS(professional accounting)
age 27
ielts 6 (GT)
2 year job exp in accounting
pls send to my email

thank you


Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant.
Here are my details:

-BS(Computer Science) Hons 4 year degree.
-Have 2 years of work experience as Software Engineer (Occupation is present in Positive List)
-Age 25 years.
-Medium of instructions during study and communication during work is English.

Here are my questions.
1) How many points i have?
2) Do i need to appear for IELTS to get 20 points. (I can appear any way and get the required band)

Please answer these questions, So that i can apply for Green Card Scheme if eligible.

Thank you.
Rashid Hussain.

sandy said...

my name is sandeep and my details are
1.Education - MCA (3years)

2. Work experienc 1year2 months

3. Age -1986 born 25
please tell me how mny points i ll get

sandy said...

hii i am sandeep my details are
AGE-25 please tell me hw mny points i can get

Anonymous said...

hi comrade
age-30 years
edu.- MBA(IT).
IELTS Score-5.5 bands
work exp.- 3 years in Hardware & Networking.

shishpal chauhan


Anonymous said...

1. B.S.physiotherapy four year degree after competed H.S.C viz total 16 year study. according to higher education commission of pakistan ,said degree is equel to Msc. 2.language 7th band in IELTS. 3.Work experience 8 years as a physiotherapist full time 4.Adaptability Nil 5.age 33 years . . zaib thanks with regard .dated 10.09.2010 .

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I have completed my 3 years Diploma of associate enginner mechanical in 2005.After that i started my carrer in a company as a senior Technician and still for the last 5 years i am working there.Last year in 2009 i have completed my 2 years Btech-Pass Degree in mechanical by attending university classes in the evening.I have also score 5.5 in Ielts this year.I have no adaptibility also.My age is 27.Please tell me that am i eligible for Denmark Immigration

Anonymous said...

My name is Azmat and i want someone to access my points on the basis of my are the details...
1- BSC in CS (Honr)4 years degree
2- 4 year experience as software engineer
3- 6.5 IELTS
4- age 26 years

suresh Stocks said...

hi all,

this is suresh, here are my details:

Education: M.Sc(Computer Science) 2 years
Age: 26 years
Language skills: i got letter from employer and University( i think 20 points)
Experience: 2 years

my i know how many points will i get?


khan said... MBBS,BA
2. ielts 6 score
3.experience 3years
4. adaptibility yes
5.age 29 yr

Anonymous said...

Hy details are as under.

1. Education - AccA- Affliiate With B.COM from BZU University Multan. Pakistan

2. More than 2 years of experience as ACCUNTS Officer which i think falls in positive list "ACCOUNTANT"
3. Age. 27

4. IELTS 6 Band (Overall)

5. Adaptibility. I dont know about it . They will consider ACCA in adaptibility or not.

kindly guide me about my points... from .. tiny

Anonymous said...

DEar Sir,
Hope you are doing fine.
Can you please let me know my point scoring for Immigration to Denmark. My academic and job experienced detail as below

1. Education MBA ( 17 years education)
2. Our language of communication in UNivesity is English.
3. 4 Years job experience as Export Sales Manager
4 Age: 26 Years

Looking forward to your response.

Anonymous said...

hi my name is ali dil i had applied for danish green card but got rejected my case because they awarded me only 30 points for my B.E(civil) degree(16 yrs of education)and only 5 points for my work experience but let u know that i m working since last five yrs in the field of construction. can any one plz tell me that why they awarded me less points for degree and work

Anonymous said...

Hi Comrade

I did Bachelor in Commerce(regualr) and master in Commerce(distance learning).

Experince- Working as an Accountant for 4 years.

IELTS- 6.5

Age- 31 years.

Comrade said...

Dear Ali Dil,
Your qualification gives you 30 points for danish green card.

Your experience do not lies in the positive list so you have granted 5 points only for your work

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