Pakistan to Denmark Immigration

Same as Canadian Immigration and Australian Immigration, Denmark has now warmly opened its borders for Pakistanies. It is now easiest than ever for Pakistani citizens to immigrate to Denmark from Pakistan. As Denmark has introduced a very easy points based system for immigration. This immigration policy of Denmark, which is also known as Danish Green Card Scheme is easy due to following factors.
  1. IELTS is not mandatory for Immigration of Denmark.
  2. Previous earnings for immigration are not required Contrast to UK Immigration or HSMP.
  3. A graduate from a Pakistani recognized university qualifies for Immigration.
  4. Special points for age under 34.
Pakistan Denmark relations has been boosted since last few years and Denmark wants to see more Pakistanies for the growth of its economy. So immigration to Denmark is a good option for those Pakistanies who want to immigrate in a developed country. It is now prior to Canada Immigration and Australia Immigration.
Denmark is waiting for you!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

hi this is abbas from italy citizenship pakistan
i m here living with my 2 kids and wife
we have italian resident permit here
we want to get immigration for denmark in this matter how can you help us
send me email with ur telphone :

Anonymous said...

HI, i m Raza age 32 from pakistan,married have 2 kids, i have done Matric in science,my english is well,right now i m self-employed Gold smith.i want immigrate to Denmark from Pakistan.
So plz tell me do i eligible for immigration

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

I have done my postgraduate diploma in Hospitality Management from UK university and I have 7 years work experience. I live in UK under the student visa. my age is 32 so please tell me am i eligible for immigration. waiting your positive reply. Zia

Anonymous said...

madam saba, i have done MA english from punjab university lahore. my age is 26 i have 2 years teaching experience in a lahore board afiliated pvt college.please tell me my points and do i have any exemption from ielts or any language certificate due to M.A English ?

Anonymous said...

Hope its never to late to request you to calculate my points for immigration
MBIT (Marketing)3.31 CGPA
Work Experience: 2007 to Present
(Reputed TV Channels Sales & Marketing)
Currently Manager Sales in a reputed channel
Age: 27years

Thanks & Regards
Waqas Shahzad

Comrade said...

How many years of education you have?

Anonymous said...

i am doing bsc(hons) agriculture ..i want to go for my masters what would be the criteria for me...please

Anonymous said...

i am doing my in agriculture ....i want to go in denmark for my masters study

Anonymous said...

I am Bilal and i need to know that if any one have two masters degree is he will be equivalent to 18 years studies?

Comrade said...

No. It will be considered as 16 years of education only.

Rasheed said...

I Have Engineering Degree, I qualify or not? because i have no 1 or 2 years Master degree. so kindly clarify.....
Rasheed Ahmed

Rana Mohammad Athar Saqlain said...

hi i am B-Tech Civil Engineer with 10 years work experience in Pakistan, U.A.E and now in Saudi Arabia with mostly England, American and Canadian peoples.i want to immigrate to Denmark.can i?
anybody tell me please about the procedure for e-mail id is

Rana Mohammad Athar Saqlain

imran said...

hi sir i have 17 year of education i.e Doctor of pharmacy having English proficiency certificate and one year of experience whether i qualify for Denmark or not plz reply me waiting

Anonymous said...

dear consultant,
plz guide me about immigration to denmark. i have done b.a. from punjab ielts ,16 yrs work exp in manpower exporting co. and i have also running a business in sacrap. i am married and i have 4 childern my wife is a laywer


m khalid khan

Obaid said...

I am Civil Engineer having 7 year worked experience. Age 31 , Married. How can i pursue Danish Immigration?

omais said...

i am a 24 year graduate with more than 3 years experience as an accountant, my family status is single and i have done ielts with 6 bands.i am interested in dennish study visa as iwould like to continue my studies.
Kindly guide me about, how to start the process.

omais burney

Anonymous said...


ALISHAH said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,

I hereby would like to know about whether i qualify for the Denish Green Card scheme i will be grateful to you if u could please evaluate my scoring points.

Qualification is M.Phil in Human Resource Management Sept, 2011

Age is 28

IELTS BAND in General Training was 5.5 in Sept, 2006

Exp. Yr from 2007 - 2008

so do i qualify for Denish Green card. Your kind reply is awaited. Regards.

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,

I am a Pakistani / Canadian, holding citzenship(Passport) of both, Pakistani by birth, and got Canadian
Citizenship in 1998, In fact the sponsorship law changed in Canada, that I can not sponsor my
borthers/sisters(married or over age of 21), while I love to live with my family.

I read in the newspaper recently, that citizen or green card holder of Denmark can sponsor their
parents and brothers/sisters(married or over 21 years of age), is this right?.

Can Danish Green Card holder sponsor or need to become citizen first?..

If it is right, Is there any way that I may get the Danish citizenship by (Nationality by declaration)
or (Nationality by naturalisation )?.

I am an IT Professional and have been working in Canada/USA as Network Support
Engineer being IT Consultant.

Hope you understand the matter, expecting a positive and fruitful reply from you.

Thanks & Regards,

azeem said...

I have done MBIT (Finance) from Punjab University in 2006. I have two years banking experience in Pakistan. 3 years in UAE and currently working in KSA as Senior Accountant. English is good.

how much score is possible for me?



Anonymous said...

hi ... I am a lady doctor, graduate from University of Peshawar -Pakistan,.. I have clinical experience from pakistan of 3 years and for the past 4 years am residing in UAE working as team leader in health Insurance,.. have full command on english language , and if required will get my IELTS done as well,.. i need the details of the immigration and need to know my points based on the above information,.. kindly reply at the earliest... farukh

shoaib said...

hello admin: its Shoaib Hashmi.
i did MBA in Finance in 2006 .afterwards i have been selected as a Civil Servant in Government of pakistan, Establishment Division.

now soon after 04 years of my career i m working as Regional Head,Dy.Director(BPS-18).i m 29 years old and married,my spouse has also done BS(CS).what should i have to do next to get denish immigration????

Secondly, i would like to know what are the plus points of getting the same, and what sort of job i can get????

kindly do inform me on my cell # 0332-5181203
or at my email address

i shall be highly idebted to you.

Anonymous said...

I need help.. plz lemme know who can explain to me the steps of Denmark immigration?.. I am MBBS doctor with clinical and health insurance experience.... farah

Anonymous said...

I Mrs.Nida Ahmed have done M.Phil in Mathematics from Karachi University Pakistan working as Assistant professor in private Mphil thesis has published in international journal bio tech 2011.
please let me know M I ELIGIBLE to apply for this category
reply me as soon as possible
Associate professor, natural science and technology
Requirement: Master's degree

If m eligible please calculate my points .i didnt have IELTS Certificate but have the letter from both (Ku +work place) that medium of instruction is English.

Anonymous said...

I have already applied for denish Green Card and got letter from them to submit additional documents. documents are ready but i need you suppport to respond about one document i.e my ACCA certificate. I have completed my BSC Honr from UK and applied on that basis and tell them i would complet my certification by Dec 2011 unfortunetlt i could not complete my ACCA now, tell me how should i handle this situation. keep in mind that rest of document is ready according to their requirment. I have just two day to respond them. Please help me. Azeem

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Could someone please let me know, where you all
get the answers, I haven't seen any answers, only the questions people are asking.
Anyone can tell me where are the answers of these all questions, does it print here or sent you by email?.

jawad said...

Assalam o alaikum,
my dear guider, plz let me know my position of getting green card of denmark.
M.A (ENGLISH) 2010
2 YEARS Teaching experience(subject english)
26-02-1987 (approximately 25 years old)
please respond me.
Jawad Rasheed.

Anonymous said...

It's jawad rasheed here,wants to know about eligibility for danish green card.
M.A ( English literature)
2 years teaching exp
25 years old
my subject concerns with English language, do u think i have to go for IELTS ?
IF ,then how many scores will have to be taken? and how much possibility is there for me?
PLZ give response,
Jawad Rasheed
pak, lahore

Anonymous said...

dear consultant
can you help me to calculate my points for denmark immigration
Education- LL.B(hons) shariah & law
age- 39 years
experience- 10 years as an advocate
proficiency in English language- modrate
nationality- pakistan
married with 4 kids

kamal ahmed said...

Hi Miss Saba,

my name is kamal ahmed and my qualification is mentioned below.


working in a reputable private organization for the last almost 11 years.

Can you please tell me the chances for denmark immigration.

waiting for an erly reply.

kamal ahmed

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,
Following are my points:

1. Education: MA Economics (16 years of education) completed in 1996 - 50 Points
2. Age: 38 years - 10 points
3. Working in Sales & Marketing - Positive list - 10 points
4. 14 years of experience in sales & marketing in telecom & fmcg sector: 15 points
5. Can appear again but 2 years old IELTS result is 7.0 (overall).

Am I eligible for Denmark immigration?

Please do reply.

Aman said...

I have a qualification of MS in Computer Science (18 years of education) from VU Lahore, M.Sc. in Computer Science from UET Lahore, MBA from VU, M.Sc. Maths from BZU, Multan. I am 48 years old and married. I have 3 children. I have teaching experience of over 11 years in HEC recognized institutions. I don't have any relative in Denmark. I can pass IELTS test as well. Can you please calculate my points and tell me if I qualify for the immigration with my family?

Anonymous said...

Dear Consulate,

Respected Sir,

Iam shahid from Karachi, Pakistan I want to get Green Card of Denmark. I an an engineer working in private company in Karachi, Pakistan. I have B - Tech ( Mechanical ) Degree. I have an experience in Plumbing / HVAC also in Civil.I have 32 years experience of bungalows, residential ( Apartments ) & office High rise Buildings, Hospital, Hotels & industrial projects.I am 51 years old but good healthy physically fit body.My wife was ex - head mistress of government school and qualification is Bechelor of Arts. My son got the addmission in medical university in Doctor of Physiotherapy in this year.My son's age is 22 years.
Kindly tell me can I qualify to get the green card of Denmark citizen ship.
My E - mail address is :

I will await for your early reply.

Thanking you,


Anonymous said...

hello sir i live in pakistan ,peshawar city my age is 17/01/1966 my education is bachelor of commerce
i want to settle in denmark with my family my wife age is 05/01/1969 and her education is master in urdu and i have 1 son his age is almost 3 years old plz tell me how to apply for immigration here is my emai;

plz reply soon
fawad ali

miraj said...

Where I should start the proccess from? Please anyone to guide me?

Anonymous said...

where i should start from? please anyone to guide me? thaks

Yousuf said...

I am from Islamabad my qualification as under:

1: BCS(Bachelor of computer science 4 year degree)
2: 3 years work experience
3: age 25 year
4: job exist in positive list
5: Have English proficiency from university

Need to know points for immigration

Anonymous said...

i m Kazim Raza from Karachi Pakistan age of 33years, Graduate from Karachi University and want to know that i qualifying the criteria of immigration to Danmark or not kindly respond

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
My name is Sana Tabassum I am a qualified registered Nurse and Msc.Pyschology Degree holder. I wish to get immigration with my husband and a child kindly guide me how should i proceed.

Comrade said...

Dear Sana,
How many years of edu u have?

iyzak said...

some one guide me plz. i have done my bechlore in commerce before 1 year now im doing job in a good reputed company in uae as an accounts assistan my age is 24 years i have 1 years job experience i can speak good english can i be qualify to immigration to denmark.

iyzak said...

my age is 24 i have done my becholer in commerce i can speak good english and im working in a good reputed company for last one and half year please tell me points for immagration.

Anonymous said...

i m a pakistani age 33 years and 9 months . i have a degree of commerce B.Com. doing a job in private bank .. can i apply for immigration .. plz mail me
thanks and regards

m.f.ali said...

my name is M.F.ali
age 22
i m done be:electronic in 2010.
9 month job experience in industry
ilets score 5.5.

guide can i apply for demark green card and how .
i need complete details.
you send complete details on my email add:

Anonymous said...

I am Abdul Sattar from Karachi, Pakistan. I am 29 Year old & i am married. I having job as an accountant in IATA travel agency in Karachi. I want to migrate with my wife to Denmark. Please guide me that how can i apply for migrate to Denmark????

Your reply on above mater will be highly appreciated.


Abdul Sattar

Anonymous said...

I am BCS (4 years universty education).
My age is 29.
My IELTS Score is 6 bands.
I have 5 years teaching experience as a computer science teacher.
What Points i will get out of 100?
My name is Asma Saqlain

ALI said...

hi consultant
m ali from Lahore
i did graduation and m also doing ACCA but i didnt pass any paper
and ma age is 22
and i like to go Denmark
so plz guide me and tell me how much points i needed

Anonymous said...

hi.. i am kamran from khi.. age 37, i wanted to know about denmark immigration process kindly inform in details..


Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant, I need to know my points and the whole process. my details are as under:
1- Education: BBA
2- Work Experience: 6 Years and 8 Months
3- Currently Working with orascom group company as a Key Account Manager in Corporate Sales
4- Age 28
5- Single- not Married
6- Have appeared two times in IELTS, scored 5.5 and the second time 6.5
7- I have no relative living in Denmark

Please advice on the above mentioned details. An earliest response will be highly appreciated.

Haroon said...


I am married and have one kid. Interested in Denmark immigration. My details are as under:

Qualification: MBA (3 Years)
Bcom (2 Years)
Medium of study: English
Age: 34 Years
Work experience: Manager Finance (7 years)

Please calculate my points for Denmark immigration.


Anonymous said...

Hi,i m RASHID now i want to applying Danish Immigration.My qualification is "BBA HONS 4YEAR .MBA (FINANCE)2YEARS&I have 3years expiriance as a (FINANCE MANAGER).My age is 36 years.Please guide me can i qualify for immigration . THANKS RASHID FROM PAKISTAN

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am Masters in Economics having 20 years job experience in Accounts and admin.
Pl find below my family details
Spouse,3 daughter, and a son
Age 43 years, Achievement Chairman an NGO since last 10 years

Anonymous said...

can u send the link ... from where we can check our points

Anonymous said...


I have done masters in IT for PIMSAT, Karachi, after Bachelors in Arts from Punjab University. I have total working experience of 17 year. For the last 7 years, I am working for developing and maintaining the Quality Management System (QMS) of different companies i.e. ISO 9001 Certification.
Please let me know whether I qualify for the immigration to Denmark or not?

Thanks and regards.


Anonymous said...

i am from karachi i am 35 year old i am marrid i have two kid i want immigrate to Denmark from Pakistan but how i do for immigrate to Denmark y email address is ok thaks i wait for reply
Currently i am doing job in Samaa Tv as a logistic Officer Colibration with CNBC Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,

Please guide me how I can done family immigration to denmark from Pakistan. I have done with 8 Year experience in Money Transfer field my agen is 29 years.

My wife has done MSC in social science.

Mohsin Saleem

Anonymous said...


Please guide me how I can move to Denmark? I have done B.Tech in Electronic & communication.

I have 5 working year experience in different fields..

My age is 26


Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,
Kindly tell me how many points will I score under Danish Green card scheme:
1- Education: m.phil 4rm QAU islamabad
2- Experience: 4 years fulltime experience as a science and biology teacher.
age 34

muzammil said...

hi good evening ..
i have completed 18 years of education from hailey college of commerce PU lahore pakistan, i am 26 years old..plz guide me about my status for immigration to denmark

muzammil said...

hi ..
i m M.COM 18 year of education from hailay PU lahore pakistan...i ma 26 years old..plz guide me about the status for immigration to denmark

and also immigration fee



zahid said...

hi i am practicing lawyer what should i do for immigration to denmark plz give me full details immigration fee etc thanks

Hamza said...


I just want your help to get my points calculated for Denmark Green Card Scheme!!

I have done my MSc Telecommunications Management from UK (University of Bedfordshire) and right now living in UK.
My age is 26, medium of study was in English and no full time experience.
Would you suggest me how many points I can get on the above information or what extra information you want me to provide...!
And finally what documents i need to apply under this category?

Anonymous said...

AOA Saba hope fine. please tell me can i apply for immigration to Denmark or not.
Education : MCS 2005
Exp full time :7 years
No IELTS but completed education throughout in English and having letters of medium of instruction from University college and schools
please help me. thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,
Plz tell me how many points i get for Denmark Green card scheme.
I did MBA (16 years) from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan
I am 24 years old and my English level is good and i have less then work experience plz calculate my points.
Umer Javed

muhammad adnan said...

Dear Consultant,
Kindly tell me how many points will I score under Danish Green card scheme:
1- Education: 4 years Engineering digree in Telecommunication (BSc engineering) from gc university faisalabad, Pakistan
2- Experience: 2 years fulltime experience in IT/Networking.
3- Language: english
4-Age: 25

Anonymous said...

How much time require Danish Immigration to endorse the Immigration Visa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,
My name is Atif Ali Khan.I am 22 years old.I have done my bachelors in civil engineering from U.E.T Lahore.I have work experience of 1 year.Please calculate my points.

Anonymous said...

EXPERIENCE-15YRS inrelevant profession.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have done 2 years MS from Finland from a top 200 Qualified university. I have done 4 years BS in Telecom. I am working as VOIP Engineer in a firm for 1.5 years am I eligible to apply for Danish GC

I think my profession lies in following category

Network consultant
Requirement: Documentation of at least three years' IT education

but I am not sure what kind of three years education would suffice to get the following points. Your feedback is more than appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have done 2 years MS from Finland from a top 200 Qualified university. I have done 4 years BS in Telecom. I am working as VOIP Engineer in a firm for 1.5 years am I eligible to apply for Danish GC

I think my profession lies in following category

Network consultant
Requirement: Documentation of at least three years' IT education

but I am not sure what kind of three years education would suffice to get the following points. Your feedback is more than appreciated.


Anonymous said...

sir i am sajid ali from pakistan age 32 and i have done Master in computer science in pakistan and my spouse 25 age have done B.SC (hons) in Human nutrition and one daughter 2 year plz calculate my points for denmark immigration/green card

sajid ali

Muhammad Laeeq said...

i have done mcs from university of south asia in 2002 before mcs i did simple B.A graduation . my date of birth is 06-04-1978 . the medium of language in my university has been fully in english. after completion of my MCS , i joined a company as softwear programmer at Tips-Soft. so i have 10 years job experianced too. i am married and have 1 kid daughter . plz tell me and guide me whether i qualified for Denmark immigration or not.
Muhammad Laeeq
Lahore Pakistan.

Akhyar said...

My name is AKhyar Ahmad age 30, Master in Telecom and Networks, BS Computer Engineering, 4 year experience as a Network Engineer
am i eligible for imigration to denmark

Akhyar said...

My name is AKhyar Ahmad age 30, Master in Telecom and Networks, BS Computer Engineering, 4 year experience as a Network Engineer
am i eligible for imigration to denmark

Umar said...

Dear admin my name is Umar from Lahore

please tell me my point score
1 education =LLB from PU
2 age 27
3 work experience in law field is about 2 years
so what will be my score please calculate it and do let me know
Umar Farooq

Waqas Ahmad said...

My name is Waqas Ahmad
Age 27 years
Qualification ACMA (PAK)
Medium of education is English
Experince 4 years
please calculate my score for immigration to Denmark

comrader said...

I am doing Bs. c Civil Engineering. My age is less then 35. How could i go Abroad ?

shakir said...

Dear Consultant,
I have Masters in Political Science from Jamshoro University and I have experience in sales (Ten years) and Logistic Supply Chain (Four years). I am married and have four kids. and also have management experience

Aamir Rafiq Chaudhary said...

Dear all
Please let me know about my eligibility, here is my Point List
Age 32 Years -------- -15 points,
Qualification BA + MCS----- -----50 Points,
Experience 8 years(relevent)--15 Points,
IELTS 7 Band -----------20 Points

My Total Points are 100, please comment on this , Have I calculated it right?? Am i eligible with 100 Points??
My ielts is about 20 months old, do i need to appear once again or its valid.


Aamir Rafiq

Asif Bachlani said...


I am going to apply for immigration but need some clarification from expert hope you will reply

1. I am qualfied ACCA (UK) which is equal to UK master degree. can I claim 60 point for it.

2. It is also in positive list. can I claim 10 point

3.I have 5 year experience which is mostly in audit and also my present job is auditor, auditor is not demanded in positive list, is Denmark immigration office treat audit and account different. Will I claim 5 marks or 15

kind regards

Asif Bachlani

Unknown said...

Dear Saba,
myself Waqar

1.Education:Matric+Inter+Diploma three year
2.IELTS:5.5 overall on 10-march-2012
3.Work experience:8 years
5.Age = 27
kindly tell me abt my points

Waqas said...

Dear Madam/Sir,
would u like to inform me the exact way i have to adopted for immigration and what about the %age of success PLEASE LET ME INFORM ON MY PERSONAL MAIL ACCOUNT

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant
Denamrk immigration is still possible. Or there arrise a CAP like canadian immigration at certain categories.
If still possible pls. let me know the procedure(current)

thanking u in advance.

waqas said...

hi consaltant... i am from pakistan n done my MBA (16 year education) according to Pakistan
1 yaer PGD in Mangment
ilets 5.0.
Age 25 yaer
3 yaer work experience as Accountat
wil i qualify for denmark immigration and scored 100 poimts.

Muhammad Hashim said...

Dear i have done Beachlor in computer sciences (4 year) age 27 and 4 year full time Developer Experience Plz calculate my points

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Please Tell me where i send my immigration document for Denmark immigration

Rana Umer said...

Dear Consultant!
Kindly make my assessment


MBA (One year's executive MBA Finance & Accounting)
B.A (2 year's Economcis,Statistics & Politcal Science)
ACCA (Part Qualified)
CAT ( Certified Accounting Technician)

Lived in the UK for 3 years on student visa 2004 to 2007

Work Experience:

Finance Executive (Currently Working 3years in Pakistan in Oil & Gas sector)

Practical Training in Accountancy & Finance (6months in UK)

Worked in Mcdonalds Rest. Ltd (Part Time for 2 years in UK)

Age: 29

English Language Skill:

Have Excellent English language skills

Will be very grateful to you for your generous prompt response. at my email add:

Thanks & Regards,

M. Umer

Intikhab Ahmad said...


Dear Consultant

I am doing Journalism and Mass Communication (BS- Hons Equal to Masters) and i have Practical experience as well of 4 years in my Field. Can you tell me am eligible or not

Intikhab Ahmad

Anonymous said...

Hi admin,
i have done 4 years BBA(hons), including this my academic period is of 16 years. what are my chances of getting immigrations. kindly elucidate.

Anonymous said...

name , humera
age , 33
profession, dentist(BDS)
postgraduate qualification , nill
working experience ,, 7 years
working palces , 3 years in Pakistan and since 2009 till date in Malaysia with ministry of health.
husband, doctoname dr safdar iqbal ,
age , 47 years
qualification , MBBS from pakistan (Alama iqbal medical college)
postgraduate qualification,, nill
working experience ,, 20 years ,, working in Malaysia ,ministry of health since 2003 til date
please tell us do we qualify for the immigration of denmark?

Anonymous said...

i am 33 yr old with married and one kid
masters in business adminstarion and graduation in IT
7 yrs of experience
how much points do i make.

aleem arshad said...

Dear Consultant,
i have a 16 years of education and i did master in econmics and i have also english proficeny certificate and i have more than 20 years work experience in banking now iam a operation manger in bank of pakistan where english is source of communication. iam 39 year old
should i get 100 marks or qualify for denmark green card immigration send me a feed back.


ubaid ur rahman said...

Dear Sir
I want to immigrate to Denmark that is why I want to check my assessment am I eligible for green card scheme or not?
-My qualification: Bachelor in engineering
-age: 24
-no experience
-language: have certificate of English language proficiency from university
Relatives: Father in denmark

kindly tell me as soon as possible that I can apply for immigration.

Anonymous said...

hi i am mbbs with one year house job in medicine gynae in 2008;pakistan quetta. i have worked for 2 years with an ngo msf then i cleared my psc exam and got govt job in 2011 and i worked in bhus. i am single age 35 and want danish green card depends on my luck ;i am single and hope for the best.
dr nargis

Anonymous said...

do inform me about the selection and immmigration procedure

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