Pakistan to Denmark Immigration

Same as Canadian Immigration and Australian Immigration, Denmark has now warmly opened its borders for Pakistanies. It is now easiest than ever for Pakistani citizens to immigrate to Denmark from Pakistan. As Denmark has introduced a very easy points based system for immigration. This immigration policy of Denmark, which is also known as Danish Green Card Scheme is easy due to following factors.
  1. IELTS is not mandatory for Immigration of Denmark.
  2. Previous earnings for immigration are not required Contrast to UK Immigration or HSMP.
  3. A graduate from a Pakistani recognized university qualifies for Immigration.
  4. Special points for age under 34.
Pakistan Denmark relations has been boosted since last few years and Denmark wants to see more Pakistanies for the growth of its economy. So immigration to Denmark is a good option for those Pakistanies who want to immigrate in a developed country. It is now prior to Canada Immigration and Australia Immigration.
Denmark is waiting for you!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,

I am from Bangladesh. Please tell me how many points will score under Denmark Green Card Scheme. My Particulars is given belwo:

1. Education: M. Com (MGT), EMBA, PGDHRM
2. Age: 37+
3. Work Experience-12+ as HR Manager
4. Language : I have completed EMBA in English and my working environment is English

Please advise.


Anonymous said...

i am a lawyer with 4year experince and a masters degree from England in Business Law.My age is 32 and i did my course in English and have work experince of UK but the work i done is not related to my field i.e, Legal in UK.
Plz guide me if i have any chance.
u can contact me on

Anonymous said...

I have completed MBA from IQRA University in 2006 and now i am working in a leading bank of Pakistan as Regional Manager, my overall working experience in Banking Industry is 5 years, Do qualify for Danish Green Card Scheme

Your early response shall be highly appreciated.

Beat Regards
Muhammad Khalid Anwaar Khan

Comrade said...

Dear Ahmed Ali,
You have to take IELTS GT and get at least 6.5 band. Try to do it now before touching the age of 34. After 34, you will loose 5 points

Comrade said...

Dear Imran Butt,
Your possible points for Denmark Immigration are

1- Education: 50
2- Experience: 15
3- Language: 20
4-Age: 15

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Just wanted to ask one last question. Is it necessary to take IELTS general test? If not Is IELTS Academic also valid for Danish Green card scheme?

Imran Butt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade:,
I hav got 2 years master degree in social work and B.A.i hav two years experience as social worker.I hav got 5.5 overall band in ielts.I am living in UK for 3 years and part-time working and i m 37 years old.Plz can u calculate my points.thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have completed my MBA (Finance) 2008 from Allama Iqbal Open university Islamabad Pakistan
2.My Age is 25 years
3.I am Efficient in English Language
4.My work experience is 1 year in IT/MIS Department.
Asif Siraj
From . Lahore Pkistan

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,I want to calculate for Denmark.
1;EDUCATION=Two years B.Sc(Math&Physics)
Two years M.Sc(Physics)&Three years M.Sc(Fiber Technology,Textile)with 89 credit hours.
i.e,Seven years fulltime university education.
2;LANGUAGE=English proficiency letters from universities for all above degrees.Also English proficiency letter from company where I am working for last 9 years.
Furthermore IELTS,=5.5 BANDS(DEC.2005)
3;AGE=35 years old.
4;WORK EXPERINCE=a)Four Years as ASS.Manager(sales&marketing)textile
b)Two years as Manager(sales&marketing)textile
c)Two years as General Manager(sales&marketing)textile.
Is my education& experience comes under positive list? Thanks & regards,Muhammad Saleem.

Anonymous said...

I am from Pakistan and want to apply denmark but problem is that i do not know about my points.
could u please calculate my points.
1.Master in social science from pakistan.
2.No ILETs 3. is it necessay to show any English professionary test?(that i do not have
4. no job experience.5. I am student in sweden have earned 90 credits but on year still in finishng my degree. Am i elegible? please write in detail.bable khan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

qualification MBA accounts
age 34
experience 1.5
english proficiency letter from university

please comment my eligibility for GC


Anonymous said...

My name is M Abdullah. I want to check for the eligibility of Denmark immigration. My details are as follos:
1. MSc IT by Research (Knowledge Manageent)-1 year
2. MBA (Finance)- 2 years
3. BS (CS)-Hons(4 years)
4. My entire qualification was in English. I also gave IELTS (academic) which is now expired in which I scored 7.0 (overall band).
5. I have one year of teaching experience in unioversity as I was a university lecturer and then went abroad for my MSc.

Can you please calculate my points for eligibility.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me how to make the points for Denmark immigration

sajid said...

requaired from work visa ??

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
I am emaling with the hope that someone who has justified knowledge of all this can help here please.I have done Bachleor in computer science Honors from GCU Pakistan, Did my Masters in International Business from university Of wales UK,I have been working In Accounts field since last 2 years and have worked in marketing field for over 1 year here in Republic of Ireland.All my education and work commenced in English language and have proficiency like Native speakers. I am 27 years of age and studying and working in Ireland since last 4 years. Can someone please tell, If i qualify for the Greencard Scheme? I will be really thankful to you.
Looking forward to hearing you soon.


Aizaz said...

Can you help me in calculating my points:
15+ yrs experience (Marketing & Sales).
41 yrs age
very fluent in English

I would apprecaite it if you can let me know the processing time for the application.


Anonymous said...

its really good platform to get info regading immigration. please calculate my points.
1.Masters in public administartion
2.Five year job experience
3.English professioncy certificate from University last attended.
4. age 33 years
5 student in sweden(studies continue) for 18 months.I m very tense i want to apply. sabeen

TARIQ said...

Dear Consultant,

Kindly let me know about all procedure of immigration to Danmark..I am having Master Degree from Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad. My wife is also having 4 years Bachaler Degree from Punjab University...I have also working exsperience of Three years in Multinational Co. It is possible for me to to get maximum points for immigration??


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,
Kindly tell me how many points will I score under Danish Green card scheme:
1- Education: 4 years BS honors in IT from AIOU, Pakistan (Medium of instruction is English).
2- Experience: 4 years full time experience as a Technical Supervisor In Telecommunication Industry.(Communication Language is English)
3-Age: 27
Rizwan Shabbir

Anonymous said...

i m zeeshan ashraf

Anonymous said...

My name is Muhammad Saleem,from Okara.kindly
calculate my piots for danish green card scheme.
Age=34.5 years
Education= 2 years B.Sc(Math,Physics)from B.Z.U
2 Years M.Sc(Physics) from B.Z.U
3 Years M.Sc(Fiber Technology)from
Work Experince=9.5 years experience in Textile sector,Currently working as General Manager(Sales&Marketing).Rs.115000/- pay per month.
Language=All Degrees are taught in English.
IELTS with 5.5 bands in December 2005.

Muhammad said...

My name is Muhammad Naseem Tahir from Renala Khurd,Pakistan.
I have prepared all the doccuments required for Danish Green Card scheme.Where can I submit my application?

Anonymous said...

My name is Muhammad Saleem from Okara.
Please calculate my pionts for Danish Green Card Scheme.Details are given below,
Age=34.5 years
Education= B.Sc(Math,Physics)Two years degree.
M.Sc(Physics)Two years degree.
M.Sc(Fiber Technology)Three years
degree in Textile.
Work Experience= 9 years experience in textile
sector,currently working as General
Manager(Sales & Marketing
Pay=110000 Rupees per month.
Language=ALL degrees are taught in English.
IELTS with 5.5 bands done in December
Please calculate my pionts& also guide me.

Muhammad said...

I am Naseem from Renala Khurd,I want to ask some question about Denmark immigration;
1).Where can I submit my application for Green
Card scheme?
2).What is immigration fee?
3).What is processing time of application?
Please guide and help me.

Anonymous said...

dear guider,
hope you will be fine. actually i want to calculate my score for green card scheam.
i've done my IELTS with 6.0 band.
i've done
i have also having 5 years experience in relevant feild.
i'm 28 years old.
I'm married.
kinldy please tell me my score. am i qualify for green card scheam.
waiting for your good response thanks.
Usman Malik

Comrade said...

Dear Usman,
You are scoring a bit low because your qualification will give you 30 points

Comrade said...

Dear Naseem,
1. Submit your application at Danish Embassy Islamabad.
2. Fee is 14,700/- PKR
3. Time may vary

Anonymous said...

dear comrade,

can u tell me that how many points english profesioncay certificate has.sabeen

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,
Please calculate my points.
1.M.A(2 years) in Social Work from Peshawar University.
2.Two Year Experience as Social Worker.
3.Age 37
4.IELTS 5.5
5.Living in UK for 3 years.
6.Part-time worked in UK for three years.
Looking foward to hearing you.
Thank u.

Anonymous said...

my wife fullfills the criteria as principal applicant with M.Phil qualification. She has 3 years experienc in a reputed school chain in Pakistan. I fear,that the embassy will count her experience and qualification or not? Rehman

Anonymous said...

dear comrads please calculate my points

age 28years
education MBBS total 17years
IELTS 6.5bands
experience 3 years includind 1year house job.

dr waqas

Anonymous said...

Dear consultant!

My queries are for Green Card Scheme (valid for 3 years but extendable)

1- Is Denmark a single spouse country?

*If yes, then, what would be the process, if applicant is to get married again during this period? even if the case is of divorce? how to update the processing?

*If no, then, how should he mention both wives in the documentation?

2- How much amount would suffice for atleast 1st year of the stay for a couple in Pak Rupees?

3- Is it necessary to get a job there under this scheme, or applicant can still start their business or buy some property?

4- Is IELTS mandatory for this Scheme?

5- What if someone is eligible to have enough finances and work experience, but the work experience does not lie in the Positive List?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Muhammad said...

Aslam O Alakum
i have completed my LLB Degree in 2008.i am teaching law evening classes in private law college from last one year and i am a precticing lawyer before it i have 4 year teaching experience of economics classes in private sector 2001 to 2005 . please let me know about my status regarding danish green card.My age is 30.

Best Regards
Muhammad Usman Zia(Advocate)

Anonymous said...

hi consultant
i have done mba from quaid e azam university islamabad in english and also masters in population sciences. I am from Pakistan and want to apply denmark but problem is that i do not know about my points.
could u please calculate my points.

i dont ve IELETs 3. is it necessay to show any English professionary test?(that i do not have
WORKING EXPERIENCE IS 5 YEARS AS INSTRUCTOR. Am i elegible? please write in detail.SUNDARI

Anonymous said...

Dear consultant
how long it takes to get reply from you. thanks


Anonymous said...

Dear , here is my profile
Bachelors of Engineering (Electronics) 4 years
Exp : 8.5 years in software development and management -(Software management not engineering)
age 36
Ielts 7.5
Married with one kid.

please state my chances of getting through


Anonymous said...


could you please me the application form and the address to submit the Denish immigration form,both postal and e mail.Kindly tell me the processing fee as well.
Menahil - Karachi

waqas said...

kindly calculate my points:

.Education : masters in political science (16 yrs)study.

.Age: 37 yrs.

Work experience: More than 3 yrs as a clerk in united nations.

.language : 20 points can get as i done in english medium institutions.


Anonymous said...


i want to know how many points i can gain in Education. i have done BS in computer sciences ( 4-Years degree ).
also having 3 Years of experience at age of 24. am i eligible for Denmark immigaration ?


Anonymous said...

do you have a cell number so that we can consult on phone.


Comrade said...

Dear Ahmed,
Your qualification is giving less points so its difficult for you to attain 100 points

Zain Hashmi said...

Please any one let me know the education points aswell as my Total Points for Immigration to Denmark, Also include which scheme best fits.
M.B.A (PIMSAT Karachi) a HEC Recognized.
B.A (University of Karachi)
Experience 2 Years in FINANCE/Accounting
AGE: 32

Zain Hashmi said...

Dear Fellows,
Please calculate my points for Danish Immigration GC Scheme.
MBA (Banking and Finance) PIMSAT KARACHI 2 YEARS.
B.A University of Karachi 2 Years
2 years experience FINANCE/Accounting
Age: 32 Years.
Zain Hashmi

zee said...

Dear,Please guide me about my points for denish immigration

Education: B.E in Mechanical Engineering from Pakistan
One year Masters in Producion Management from France
Experience:5 years in QA/QC
Language:English in university,also have IELTS 6.0 band but it was done in 2003.

Anonymous said...

This is Munim .
M.A English
Work Experience 6yrs
Age 34
Let me know my score.Also tell me about the miximum process time.

bali said...

Dear sir,

I am iqbal, my qulification is as follow,
Higher national Diploma, Polymers associated with degree London(UK)
B.Engr polymers,16 Years pakistan
M.Engr Materials 2years from china
Experience 2 years as project Incharge in italian company.
my all education is in English medium.
so please tell me that what is the process way and my eligibility of denmark immigration, and how i can get all information.please reply me as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir/Madam,
I am graduate from punjab university and worked as a professional chef about 10 years, used to live in abroad as a worker and i have done my IELTS 5.00 band score. i am married my age is 39 and i have 1 kid.
please let me know am i eligible to qualify danish immigraqtion?

Ahsan manzoor

Anonymous said...

I did MCS 2 year + 1.5 year MBA
Age 31
work exoerience 5 year in relevet fiend of IT.
All study in English

Pls calculate my point


Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,
I'm 25 years old, I have Msc degree in manufacturing management from Uk. I have also 4 years work experience in uk in retail. My IELTS score is 7.5
Do i have enough points for green card immigration scheme?
Would u be kind enough to tell me all the application fees as well?
Kind regards,

QADEER said...

i m 19 yrs old
m in final year..
i want to go copenhagen for my further studies
plz tell me i m capable or not??

sohaib said...

Dear Consultant,

Kindly advise me to get 100 point for immigration to Denmark,I have done my Master in E.Commerce and now i am doing job in HSBC Bank from last 2 years.age 26 ,married,No Ielts.


Anonymous said...

hi anonymos i am nubla married 38 years of age and have 4 kids.i have masters degree in special education so how many points can i get? nubla from islamabad pakistan

Anonymous said...

I am Irfan Ali from Lahore,Pakistan
Email :
Qualification :BCS (Honours)
Computer Courses (2 month Basic Diploma)MCSE also.
Experince : 06 years Pakistan's Stock Exchange as Equity Trader
Age : 26
Kindly Saba calculate my points and also tell me where I can submitt my documents and how much fee will pay and where is office of Denmark immigration Programe where I can submit my documents and get further information
best regards,

Irfan Ali

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,
please advise if required points score will be met based on the following background

Bachelors of Engineering (Electronics) 4 years
Exp : 8.5 years in software development and management -(Software management not engineering)
age 36
Ielts 7.5

please state my chances of getting the desired 100 points.


Imran said...

Dear Consultant.
i am Imran (pakistani). working as a Data Center Engineer in Saudi arabiafor last 5 months.
age=28 1/2
education: BS-IT(Hons)4 year degree (16 yr edu)
on line certifications = CCNA, CCNP certified
working experiance=4 years &3 monhts (in computer netowrks)relavent field
spouse Educaiton= BA history (14 year edu)
spouse age= 26

keeping in view all the above facts,do i qualify for canada immigration? or should i apply for canada or australia immigration. need ur suggestion plz. how long it will take?

Faiz said...


i am pharmacist plus i have mba degree
i have 7.5 band in IELTS
i have 2 years work experience
i am 27 years old
please calculate my points, if i am eligible for danish immigration?

Anonymous said...

hello sir..i have done M.Sc (hons) in agriculture from university of agriculture faisalabd. i have 18 years academic record. currently working in a seed company as a research associate. i am 24 years old and single.what abou me to get immigration.

Anonymous said...

I am Telecom professional and working in Ericsson as Senior Manager. I have total work experience of 11 years. My age is 37. I hold Bachelor Degree in Eletrical Engineering from UET Lahore. Can I qualify for the Denmark immigration. What is the waiting period of getting immigration done. Thanks. Danish

Anonymous said...

Could you please calculate my point for GC.
I have done (2 YEAR)
PGD in Economics &finance.Karachi university.
MSC HRM. 1 year university of sunderland UK.
1 year diploma in english language .uk
1 year and 4 months work experience as Assistant manager HR.
I m 30 yrs old.

Anonymous said...

I want to apply for Danish green card .here is my following information
1,age = 37
2,qulaification = M.A (Political Science)
3,Work experience = Clerk (United Nations)4 yrs

Anonymous said...

dear Consulatnat you are not answering any questions on this page........
Are you too busy ?>

Rizwan ashraf said...

i am a B.Sc. engineer. i didmy bachelor of engineering from uet lahore in i eligib;le for denmark immigration?

Anonymous said...

i am M.Com(finance)16 years education
education was in english
6 years experience as manager accounts
age 36
i have applied for work permit

how do you look my case.


muhammad irfan

Anonymous said...

Kindly let me know if I qualify for Danish Green Card and if you can define process steps

I am in IT field with over 10 year experience.
The age is 39 years. I have masters degree in computer science.
Do I need to have a job offer before I can apply ?
What is the processing time ?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am ARSHAD from NWFP. I have 2 year master degree from University of Peshawar. MY age is 29. I have assessed my master degree from CIRIUS Denmark. I have three year experience as a lecturer and i have proficiency certificate from Univ. of Peshawar. Please calculate my points and aslo tell me thay may I apply as a lecturer in Positive list.
arshad ali

Usman Akram said...

Dear Sir.Madam,

I want to see that whether I qualify for the green card. Please find the details as below

Education: 16 yrs BSc in Electrical Engineering
English: IELTS 6.5 band
Experience: 2 yr and 8 months
Age: 26
Status: Married

Also I want to know that do CIRIUS require immigration approval for review and issuance of assessment certificate? I mean is it essential. Actually I just want to assess from CIRIUS irrespective of green card application and furthur study?
Usman Akram

Anonymous said...

Hi, My Name is Kamran. I did BS CS (4 years. Means I have 16 years of education) from Pakistan.I have four and a half years of work experience in my field, in Pakistan. My last degree and work experience lie in positive list. My medium of education has been English, throughout my education career. My age is 27. My father is a national of Netherlands. Please calculate my points.

Anonymous said...

Am a Pakistani and currently studying in Högskolan Dalarna Sweden...
Am in First semester but from Pakistan I have done my BSCS (hon) degree from pakistan then I have done my One year PG Diplome in Hotel and Tourism management 4m TDCP-ITHM and then I have completed my Masters degree in Tourism And Hospitality Management 4m University of the punjab...
I have about 3 years of Experience in Media as Casual Basis...
I dont have any IELTS test result and am 26 and half years old....
Muhammad Ali Shahzad...
Now in Borlänge Sweden...

Zeee said...

According to my information and what i heard from the seniors.
If your qualification is from Pakistan.
2 years of graduation and 2 years of master then according to CIRIUS the body which evaluate the educational points, is equivalent to Danish graduation possibly for which you will get only 30 points.
And to get rest of the 70 points is very difficult, because you will not get any points of University ranking, you will not get any points for any Scandinavian language nor you will get any points for adaptability. because you never have been there...

But if you have a Mphil degree then might be possible that you get the green card

Please guide if some one know about it

makhan said...

Am a student in Dalarna University Sweden and doing Artificial Intelligence Currently...
I have done My BSCS (Hon)from Pakistan then I have done my one year PG Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management and then I have done my two Years Masters degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Pakistan...
at present am 26 and Half years old...
I dont have field related experience but I have about three years experience in Radio as Casual Basis...
Please calculate my points and guide me further...
Muhammad Ali Shahzad
Currently in Borlänge Sweden...

Anonymous said...

respected consultant
im interested in applying for immigration,will you please caclulate my points.
i did fsc,CAT and now a student of ACCA.
IELTS acadamic points are 6.
age is 24.
work experience as internee is 1 year and business in 6years.

Anonymous said...

Please Calculate my Points
Education Total 17 years of education

Master in Computer Science
Post Gradutae Diploma In Computer Sc
Experience 3.5 years of experience as .Net programmer

My brother lives in Denmark on student VISA

My age is 27years

Best Regards
Arslan Naeem

Anonymous said...

I am Muhammad Waseem from Lahore Pakistan 25 years old i have MSc in IT after 2 years BSc i have more than 3 years experience as System Administrator&Network Consultant in a multinational Company Palmchip Pakistan Pvt Ltd Can I fulfil the Green Card accessment points criteria way of instruction at university was in english
Muammad Waseem
pleas send me a e-mail all details i shall be thankful to you

hareem said...

hi, im a medical doctor here .last year in post graduate training under University of health sciences in general medicine. my age is 35. did my graduation from voronezh state medical academy russian faderation. 6 year in hospital experience .im very good at english. please let me know if im eligible for green card and immigration? thanx HAREEM KHAN

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Sohail, can you guide me for the process. Let me tell you here that I have done Masters from Peshawar Pakistan and presently am in UK, have done some diplomas and studying now MSc HRM, to be completed in next year.
I worked in Pakistan in a government sector.
If you need antything else, I will be happy to provide it to you.


hassan said...

Hi Madam
I m Hassan and i Have Done BBA and also IELTS.My age is 26 and I have my neighbours in denmark.i have also done MCSE from Aptech.and I am Now working as A manager in MEHAR petrolium since last year.i Have also work as a accounts officer in ARSA surgicals.Kindly calculate my points.plzzzz..i m waiting

Anonymous said...

Name: Kalsoom
Date of Birth: 10-03-1975
Qualification: M.A(English Lit.)Punjab University,B.Ed
Work Experience: 02 years as Teacher,
Please calculate my points for immigration to Denmark.

Anonymous said...

hi im sadia and ive passed my fsc 2 years back [2007]but did not get admission in any medical college in pakistan.ive heard that study is free in denmark so plz give

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,
My name is Muzamal.please let me know that do i score pasing marks for Denmark green card Scheme.
Education: BSc. Electrical Engineering (4-years degree) total 16 years
Experience:2 years
Age: 24
IELTS: 7 band

Anonymous said...

Hello All. I am stating my data in here,any one can please calculate my points for danish Green card? thanks Electrical Engineering ( UET Peshawar)= 16 years. Also My Profession comes in Positive List.
2.Language letter from University
3.Experience 4 Years in Electrical engineering in UAE
4.Age 19/02/1976 = 33 Years and 7 Months.


Anonymous said...

Hi dears
I did MSc Electronics from peshawar university (total 16 years education). my age is 32, experience 6 years, subject is included in Positve list.
I submited my docs to cirius for equaliency and they consider my masters degr as a bachlor. I calculated my points as a bachlor but it didnt goes 100. what can I do.i calculated my points following.
1. Bachlor. 30 points
2. age . 15
3. Language. 15
4. Experience 15
5. Positv List 10

total 85 ponts.
Plz let me know what to do now.How I can complete my points. can i submit appleal to consider my MSc deg as a master not for Bachlor.

Best Regards
Niaz Akbar

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Having a Law degree from Pakistan(17 years education)
having 15 years experience in Judicial Department as a senior clerk/ administration clerk
having IELTS 5.5 band
33 years age
Qayum Khan
Reader from Pakistan
can I qualify for green card scheme.
is there require any Bank statement.

Anonymous said...

to all,it is going to be more than 6 months my case is underprocess
i havea circle of friends who applied for danish immigration
a 27 years enggr from UET lahore passed out a year ahaed with one year experience and no IELTS he applied in Jan/2009 and finally recieved his permit in the middle of Aug/2009 which was stamped at danish immigration service office on July 31.
so it is wrong to say that they are not ready to give anything Pakistani community.
the only hurdle is the people are reluctant to sen dtheir original documents to Denmark for 7 to 8 months.otherwise people with professional degrees are eligible are they are given almost 50 points for their qualification.

so dont lose hope apply for immigration.
with best wishes

farooq said...

hi dear
kindly tell me how launch application for immigration to denmark from pakistan
how to submit application? from where to get application forms etc

Anonymous said...




Mani said...

dear consultant,
plz guide me getting 100 points.i i have done MA(English)and B.ed plus 1 year PGD(IT) one yrs Diploma in information technology plus english spokan diploma 1 month ,5 yrs teaching exp in a middle husband are also MBA(Finance) and he is also PGD(IT)one yrs Diploma in information technology and 5 yrs exp in computer accounts in a flour mills.what should i do to get to 100 point mark.
Fozia Rasheed

Mani said...

Dear consultant
I Did my MBA & my mrs is masters in ENGLISH our education and experience is according to denmark green card requirement and now please inform us that is there need of attested documents or not?and tell us the about the bank statement that what is the criteria of it?
usman riaz

Anonymous said...

Hi I am ali from faisalabad.I am interested in getting danish immigration.there is someone who can calculate my points.
education: MA education from karachi university

experience five years teaching experience as a secondary school teacher in a private english medium school.
age 33 year

my concerns about danish immigration is as follows

it is said that danish immigration department accepts 17 years education.there in denmark grduation period is 4 this context pakistani master degree holder can score 30 points not 50 as my graduattion period is two years.pls clear this much points i can score for my education.

second I did not hold any course like B.ed or M.ed.can I make score for teaching experience
as SST(secondary school teache.

Anonymous said...

Dear Consultant,

Can you please provide me with your contact details so that I can contact you with my information and take it from there.

My address is



Arslan said...

Dear Consultant.
i wish to apply for danish immigration .but donot know either i fulfil the requirements or particulars are given below

Age: 27

Academia: MBA marketing (2.5 years)
B.Com (2 year program)
ICS (2 Year)

Experience : one and half year


Relative in Denmark : Yes,Brother living there

my e mail is


Handsom said...


1) My MBA(Finance) in 2004-2006
2) My workexperience is in The Field of
Customer care in Telecom of 2.8 Years
3) My age is 25 years.
4) My IELTS score is 5.5 Bands

Please tell me do i qualify for green card visa scheme.

Ali said...

Ali here from Karachi.I would like to inquire about Danish immigration.I'm deeply interested in Danish Green card scheme and willing to apply before long.Please calculate immigration marks as per of information i have shown below:

1). Qualification: MS (Information Technology) - Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang(Public University - world ranking is 311) 2 years of course.
2). Experience: Web Developer (April 2008 - Till now)
3). Age: 30 Years
4). Language Proficiency: University mode of language is English.Furthermore working under Abbott Laboratories mode of language is English as well)
Please provide me further how much marks can i adopt..


imran said...

Education: 4 Year bachelor degree in Computer Science from FAST
Job Experience: 4 Years As Data Analyst,IT Consultant and Junior Database Administrator

Does my Oracle Certification count toward my assessment


Comrade said...

Dear Imran,
Your Oracle certifiction will not count toward your assessment, but i think u have sufficient points.

Muhammad said...


my qualification is 3 yease BCS and 1 year MSC in compputer science and i have 7 year experiece on Network i have CCNA,MCSE,MCSA JNCIA ,JNCIS certifications may age is 30 years
Please tell me am i qualified for denmark immigrations please send me link for applying denmark immigrations

Anonymous said...

Dear Guide

I am 35 haveing 2 kids of 6 & 3 years

1) Qualification = Exec MBA from Iqra University
2)BS Computer Science
4)3 years of experience as MIS Officer in American NGO

5)3 Years of Experience as airport operation of airline

6) 1.6 years as customer care Manager in Ufone

7) Now have been working as MIS officer with Internationl NGO

Kindly calculate my points for green card. I

need your help from where to start the process for

thanks n rgds
Asher Durrani

Anonymous said...

dear consultant,

I have a family of 4 members

2 kids are under 6 years

plz guide me getting into the process from Pakistan

My education is
Executive MBA
B S computers

have experience of
3 years in IT in INGO
3 Years in Airline Aviation airport management
1.6 years as customer care Manager

Anonymous said...


My qualification is B.Sc civil engineering from u.e.t Lahore.I have six years of experience.My age is 29 years.I am in feild of building construction.Do i Qualify for denmark green card scheme?


Anonymous said...


my name is shumaila.i am from N.W.F.P..please calculate my points and let me know that weather i qualify for denmark information:
1)masters in economics
2)3 years work experience as a teacher
3)age 27
i have a family of three members...i have two kids...kinldy tell me the process from pakistan..e-mail me on this id:

Anonymous said...

Dear saba!

I am government officer since april (2009) working in procurement department.
Education: BBA(ITM)3 years+MBA 1 year
experience: 2006 onwards experience in marketing(Non managerial) and since april 2009 in procurement
Medium of study:English

Anonymous said...

education: b.s. in biomedical engineering from sir syed university of engineering and technology, karachi.

experience: 2 years in biomedical engineering and 3 years in medical transcripiton job.

age: 32 years.

martial status : married.

also plz tell me if i qualify where do i have tp submit my fees and how much it will cost me and what forms i have to fill..


Anonymous said...

I belong to a business family, currently running as petrol pump / cng station in karachi,due to current situation of Pakistan,we are not in a mood to expand our business here,my family and i even got canadian landing but my parents do not wanna migrate,is it possible for me to get danish immigration if i can invest in Denmark,it will be for my wife and me.

Thanks and best regards

Mohammad said...

Hi, My details are:

Education: M.Sc in Geology (16 Yr)
Work Experience: 7 Yr
Age: 33 Yr
IETLS: Band 6 or Study of Medium: English



Rafique said...

dear sir could you please calculate my points
name :azam
qualification: bachelors, 4 years
masters , 1 year
work experience: 3 years in pakistan
2 years in united kingdom
age : 31 years
langeage: ielts: band 6.5

engineer said...

Dear sir/Madam
Please calculate immigration points .
I have following Educational documents,
1- B.Se Electrical Engineering
2- 12 year work experience.
(i)- Nine year as Assistant Engineer.
(ii)- Three year as Executive Engineer.
3- 16 Year Education
4- 39 Year age
5- English proficiency certificate from employer.
6- English proficiency certificate from university.
7- Education and experience lies in demand list.
Hopping an early reply
Engr. Khalid Siddique

Rasool Baksh Paleejo said...

iam confused about application submission and processing time. I hope someone can put light on it.
I called sometime ago to Danish Embassy and someone over there was saying that I can come for interview in about 03 months with all the documents.
Is it true that they have lots of applicants and just for submitting application, you have to wait for 03 more months???

Comrade said...

the backlog is increasing and it may cause delay in processing of immigration applications

Anonymous said...

i live in Uk,i have done one master (MBA) from Pakistan, having 1 year Teaching experiance in one of the business schools, and having 3 years experiance of Working as Hotel duty Manager in one of the hotels in the Uk. i am married.
i got 6.5 in my IELTS. my age is 29 years.
Is there any body to calculate my score?
Faisal Nazar

Anonymous said...

Faisal Nazar
hi, i live in Uk, i have been working in one of the hotels in UK as a duty managerfor last 3 years having MBA degree in HR and in Hospitality Management from Pakistan. IELTS score is 6.5 and age is 29 and married.
plz help me to calculate my points.

Mohammad said...


Please calculate my points, My details are:

Education: M.Sc in Geology (16 Yr)
Work Experience: 7 Yr
Age: 33 Yr
IETLS: Band 6 or Study of Medium: English



Anonymous said...

I am from Hyderabad i am 44 year old i am marrid i have four Children (2 are above 18 years & student),My qualification M.A.Economics, I have experienced of 23 years in Bank, I got premature retirement as Customer Service Manager want to immigrate to Denmark from Pakistan, do I qualify for Danish Green Card Scheme.Kindly reply me on email thaks waiting for your early reply.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I am Asif Zia from Lahore,

Pls Calculate my points.
Age- 30 Years
BCS (Private |Institute)
BA (University of Punjab)
MA-Political Science (University of the Punjab)
Experience 5-Years (Banker)

Can I qualify for Denmark Immigration.

Pls Confirm

Anonymous said...

I am Ayub aged about 37 yrs, completed L.L.B and working as a Govt Servant since last 15 yrs. plz guide me thanks

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I m john younus from karachi (pakistan) my date of birth 20nov1979 30years old and i want to ask abt this procedur regarding Denmark immigration. I have done M.A in political science and six year job experience markiting and sales .kindly tel me regarding immigration what should i do and my email is;
mr john younus

Anonymous said...

I am from Peshawar. my qualification is Master in Library Sciences, having 9 years experience in Library Management, No IELTS, Age is 35 years, Can i qualify for Immigration to Denmark?
Kindly let me know in detail

Anwar Zeb

Ali Hassan said...

I am Masters in IT from University of Punjab and have an experience of 2+ years. I am 29 years old married guy. My IELTS score is 6.0 and finally I dont have bank statement what is the best solution for me to immigration to Denmak.
Muhammad Ali Hassan

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
i want to ask that i m Law graduate like B.A L.L.B,and i have three years workin exp as well.My age is under 34 years and from last couple of years i m in australia.I m married and i have two kids so how much bank statement i will be needed and do i qualify for danish green card.pls let me know.kind regards
hyder shah

Shahid Riaz Bhatti said...

Dear Consultant

My name is Shahid and I will be very thankfull to you if you can give me direction of getting immigration of any country (i.e. Canada, Australia, UK, Denmark) or HSMP.

I am 29 years old and I done BS in computer science in 2005. SInce then I am doing Job. During my professional experience I worked in different multinational software house. Now a days I am working in a software house as a senior software engineer. Myy age is 29. I also have some certification which includes Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Application developer.
Please send some detail info on my following address and also send me your contact info so that we can meet face to face.
My email address is

Anonymous said...

Dear MS Saba,

I am Imtiaz Hussain from Islamabad, I would like to appreciate if you could please calculate my points for Denmark Immigration my detail is as below:
16 years study, BS Computer Science (4 years) mode of study English
04 years Experience in Information Technology
Age: 31
My Spouse has Master Degree in Education with teaching 05 years teaching experience.

salman said...

i confirm that requirement of experience for Denmark green card
1. experience should be after education and can we show the experience during education

Shaheryar said...

Dear Consultant,

I am a graduate engineer with majors in Electronics from Pakistan and PGD in Information Systems from UK. I have 10 years diverse experience, from Telecom Sales to Media Management. Curently, I am a regional sales head for a TV channel in Karachi.

Could you please guide in identifying career options and chances for moving to Denmark with my family?

Thanks & regards,


Sara said...

Dear Consultant,

I have done M.A in English Linguistic and Literature from Punjab University in 2003 as private candidate. But i take regular classes from Islamabad college for girls as private candidate. (No B.Ed)

Now i am pre-school teacher in private school from last 3 years.

Do i need Ielts.

My age is 28

No relatives in denmark.

Also include my 2 kids and husband in Application.
Should i qualify. Also how to proceed application process while living in islamabad.

And how much embassy charges are for single application

Looking forward to hear from you soon.


CRDO said...

KIndly send me the forms of immegration or tell me the procedures about the immegration to Denmark. and kindly send me Your official consultant contact.
Muhammad Arif

Anonymous said...

I want to apply for danish immigration. There is some about me as under
1) M.COM. (New ports Unuversity Karachi)2004 to 2006 after two years batchlor (B.COM.) 2000 to 2002
2) Also have, medim of study is english,
certificate in batchlors.
3) Job experience of 7 yearrs 2002 to 2009 (working in a bank)
4) Age 26
Do i qualify for the danish immigration and if not what should i do to get the required points.
Muhammad Usman

mister said...

hello dear,
any veterinarian applied for GC. and what about the backlog.

Khalid from lahore

Anonymous said...

Hi i have a question i used to live in denmark for 5 years with my father when he was posted over there from his company, we do have there social security card but it expire now becuase we came back to pakistan in 1994, i an a gradute but above 30 yr of age do have some customer service experiance could any body help me please or direct me to right direction, i still know some people over there and they are danish citizen, i also speak some danish language
Please email me at ASAP please thanks alot

emu said...

Hi i have a question i used to live in denmark for 5 years with my father when he was posted over there from his company, we do have there social security card but it expire now becuase we came back to pakistan in 1994, i an a gradute but above 30 yr of age do have some customer service experiance could any body help me please or direct me to right direction, i still know some people over there and they are danish citizen, i also speak some danish language
Please email me at ASAP please thanks alot

Anonymous said...


Plz evaluate my self detail as under.

I am Pakistani
Education: MBA
Age: 28
Job Exp. 5 Year Accounts.
Can i use English proficiency Letter.
And How much bank statement require and tenure.

Plz need comments of professionals



awais said...

Dear saba,
I want to know about following things Educational level?
masters in mass commuication and 3 years law degree
2.Language skills, eg IELTS?
3.Work experience?
2 years in customer service warid telecom
4.Adaptability? Any relative in Denmark
5.Age = 24 years
kindly guide me that am i completing 100 point
to apply for danish immigration and what sort
of bank statement is required means how much in pakistani rupees:either in pkr account or in dkk.please reply me via email on

kind Regards:


waqas ahmed said...

My Name is Waqas Ahmed , Age 35, Married and have a kid. Have spent 3 years in UK. Got diploma in IT from Manchester. Recently Come back and working as web developer. Have got over 5 years experience in IT. Did my MCS in 2001 and havent got any ielts but have lived/studied in uk for three years.

Will that be enough to launch my application. The only thing that I lack is of funds availability. Any chance?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know much do I score?.
I am 28 years old (male)
I have completed my Bachlor University of Jamshoro
I have 07 years of work experience out of which 5 years in Banking as Credit Manager position.
My medium of instruction in school/college/university was english
Ahtisham Shaikh

Anonymous said...

Hi dear!

I am ashfaq ahmed from pakistan i have done M.Sc in IT and I have 4 years experience in my hand. I have 2 years degree of IT field but i heard that 3 years IT degree is required for getting denmark immigration.

Kindly let me know that am i eligible for denmark immigration on the basis of 2 years masters degree in IT from recognized Pakistan University.

Kindly give me a suitable informaion for that. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Also calculate my points.
Qualification= M.Sc IT
Age= 29
IELTS = done with score overall 6
experience= 4 years

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Naveed Johnson Shahzad and i live in Orangi town, Karachi. I am 30 years old. I have cleared HSC/Inter. I have also well command on other computer softwares. I have 6 years of work experience in administration/medical transcription and in IT field. I am married with 18 months old son, but i dont have any IELTS certificate right now. Please tell am i eligible for Green card.
Naveed Johnson Shahzad

Anonymous said...

Dear Saba.
Let me Know one thing, pakistani 16 year education or 3 year hons and 1 year master degree has 30 points or 50 point?


Intelectdude said...

I am a resident of Karachi Pakistan and am willing to migrate to Denmark.Where can i find the score calculator for the Denmark immigratrion?I have a Degree of Master in Computer Science (MCS), over all 15 years of experience in IT Industry.I am 34.3 years of age.I am Married with 3 kids.I also have a 2 year USA experience in IT Industry.Please guide me through the process.Thanking you in advance,


Mriaz said...

My name is Riaz Abbasi and i have done MBA specilisation in HR in 2004. My age is 35 year married and i have two kids. I have work expereince almost 12 years but i have complete my degreee in 2004.

Kindly calculte my point and guide for further process.

Thanks & Regard

M Riaz Abbasi

Anonymous said...


My name is Faisal .Kindly assess my eligibility for Denmark green card.
1-B.comm from Pakistan 2 years
2-M.B.A (Finance 2 years Pakistan
3-MSc-e-business management 1 year from U.K

Anonymous said...

sir i have done llb from p.u in 2008
1 year expirince as adovcate ilets 6,0
age i qulify

Anonymous said...
age 23
ielets 6.0
exp as adovcate 1 year

Anonymous said...

i need 2 know if i qualify for danish green card scheme
Did my from univ. of karachi.(2 years)
Did my mba in marketing from university of karachi(3 years in evening that counts 2 years in morning)
Did my m.a in economics as a private candidate parallel 2 my mba(2 years)
working in dad's business as a manager marketing since 9 years(if counted after
age is 29,married with a kid
my wife is doing her m.a economics
kindly assess my points n email me if i qualify for danish green card scheme
also tell me what is the fees if i apply with my wife n kid who is 3 years of age
thanx n regards
name :g.a.merchant

Arif said...

Dear Consultant,
Good Day,

Most appreciated for your consultancy;
could you pl. guide me for Denmark Immigration keeping in view my details below:

Education: All education full time study
1. MBA: (Not recognoized by the UGC Pakistan)2. Graduation in science subjects
Age: 40 years
Married/3 kids
Work Experience:14 years on different portfolios:
Marketing & Sales on Managerial post
Operation Manager
Logistic, Import and export etc...
Working abroade from last 5 years in Sea Port.
Relative in Denmark:
First cousin (Son of my mother's brother)
Language: English = Very Good
Arabic = Good
German = Fair

Your best advise will highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Hashim Shahzad said...

I am Hashim Shahzad from Faisalabad(Pakistan) and i want to ask about if i can qualify for the green card sceme of denamrk. My details, (02 years duration)
M.B.A (02 years)
06 years of work experience In Textile & Consumer Banking.
IELTS score of 5.5

Anonymous said...


Please anyone tell me how to make file for denmark immigration. My points are 115. can i personaly apply or is it better to take heple from a consultant. Alos tell me about bank statement or anyother aditional requirment for applying to greencard scheme


Anonymous said...

i m shaista aged 29, doing my second masters in ENGLISH LITERATURE. i have done my first masters in INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. i have 9 years working experience in three renowned schools of Karachi as educational coordinator and english and history teacher for secondary section. i just want to know if i would be able to get the visa for denmark or not. kindly guide me accordingly.


Zaheer Hussain said...

Name : Zaheer Hussain

Education : 1) M.Sc Computer Science
2) M.Sc. Applied Mathematics

IT Certification: OCP 9i/10g/11i

Age: 44

TOTAL:16 years
Oracle Experience: 8 years

Married: Yes

Childrens : 4

Language: IELTS Band 5 (4-5 years old)

email-address :

Please can you reply me on my email address


Anonymous said...

dear sir my name is amanat hussain im from quetta pakistan we reqvested to we need your help becuz we are afacted from cuson was killd there they are many people killd in quetta he threat me now we are migrait from quetta to karachi me and my family scearing here we are no save here im verry pour n im jobless now we need your help you plz forgotsake help us my family are crrying there we feel no save here you better know my family problems we want your help about calling there in your country so you plz help us im again reqvested to you plz plz for godsake help us and call me n my family at country we are human so you plz dont forget me my family are praying for you you plz remember we need your help we are waiting for your rpl thank you again for help us .AMANAT HUSSAIN S/O.FAZAL AHMED ROOM NO 4 HAJI EVAZ ALI HUSSAIN HAZARA GOAT GULSHAN KARACHI PAKISTAN .CONTRECT NO .03233348430

noman said...

hi i m noman i have done llb 2004 and now 5year expirious of law as advocate high court i WANT TO GET Immigration of denmark can i? wanting for ur reply

rashid said...

Dear Sir,
I big to state that my name is rashid and i am pakistani citizan.i am doing service in pakistan international air line karachi.

Sir, I want to visit visa at denmark please help me.Sir you know denmark is a very beuty full country in the world.

Thank you for your responce


imranghani said...

Please guide me, I have following credentials

Education: Masters in Computer Science
Age: 32
Experience: 8.5 Years (Software Developer)
Language - IELTS: 6.5 Bands


Anonymous said...

Dear Saba
My education F.A. With two year diplom of automatic and working expen 23 year as store officer with computer knew ms excel word orcle and internet my age 45 years and my related live in denmark how much points for me

Adeel Bahadur said...

1. MSC Health and Physical Education 2002-03
2. and Msc Economics 2008
1. 1997-2005 Physical Education Teacher in Govt; School (8 1/2 years
2. and now 2005-till date District Coordinator in social development sector (social worker) with a Canadian Organization (4 1/2 years)
IELTS G.T 6.5 band.

Adeel Bahadur said...

kindly tell me my score and about feasibility to appear for danish green card scheme. thanks

Adeel Bahadur said...

sorry i forget to mention my age, my age is 32 years and 10 months. 2ndly how long it would take to get a result for my application for danish green card. thanks

Anonymous said...

Name Toqeer ul Hassan
Age 30 Years
Qualification MBA Finance
M Status Married
Job Experiance More then 3 Years
No Ielts

toqeer said...

Toqeer ul Hassan
4 Year Working Experiance
Age 30
Ielts Nil

Pls tell me can i apply for Denmark Immegration i would be very grateful if you guide me in this regard.Thanks
Toqeer ul Hassan

Anonymous said...

well i am ali kazmi did my mba in marketing from university of the punjab ,,,1 year work experience,,,worked as a customer service supervisor ,,,,age 24,,,,communication skills are very let me know please ,,

one more thing procedure for applying...through whom i can apply...

Anonymous said...

my name is sajjad and i am 38 years old. acquired my MCS in 2004. doing a full time as incharge computer section, supervising keypunch operators, i have no one in Denmark. I would like to know if i qualify for immigration or not, kindly reply

sajjad hussain

Asif said...

Salam. I have templets of English Proficincy certificate and university document authenticity Certificates, and all guidence for Denmark Immigartion Application Process, You can contact me on my cell number 03007232517, or email me

Anonymous said...

Presently I am in Saudi Arabia. I have more then 13 years of experience (Six and half years in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) as Staff Nurs .

My date of birth – 20-01-1972

I have Master degree in English Literature as a private candidate from Punjab university Lahore.
3 years diploma in General Nursing
1 year diploma in Midwifery

Do I need IELTS for immigration ?
Or can I get exemption for IELTS ? because I have done master in English literature.

Hopping for favorable consideration and look forward to receive your response at the earliest.

Best Regards,

Meena Yasmin

Anonymous said...

I am doing MBA(Marketing)last qaurter,05 years Experience in Hospitality,Hoteling (Guest Relations officer),Also a DJ in FM,How many Points i need for immigration for Denmark?

Anonymous said...

I m Javed. I have Done MCS and I have experiance of 3 years. I got 5.5 in IELTS can u help me for Denmark Immigration.

Anonymous said...

i m a nurse having bSc nursing degree and have a midwife diploma.having experience of about 7 years in A class hospital.
wat r the my prospects of immigration to denmark and working there with my family of husband and 2 minors


Anonymous said...

I have done B.Sc in Telecommunication,One year Working experience.Is it possible to get 100 mark?

Umair ali

Anonymous said...

i am shujat from Pakistan, having post graution in IT , would any body tell me on which address i have to send my application for processing and what will be fee and form

if any body have any information please give me


Anonymous said...

how much is immigration fee for denmark


Anonymous said...

i m 32 years old, a graduate civil engineer from UET LAHORE (PAKISTAN) WITH 09 YEARS WORK EXPERIENCE IN CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT. plz guide me about denmark immigration.
M. Abdullah

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what should I write in applicant form on page number 7 and Section 7 for applicant comment ? comments about what means about Demark life ?


Alan said...

Dear Consultant,

Can you please calculate points to be eligible for Danish Immigration. My Profile is mentioned below:

1.Your Educational level?
a. Bachelors in Engineering (Computer Systems) - Full Time
b. Masters in Business Administration (Management) - Part Time

2.Language skills
IELTS - 6.5

3.Work experience:
4.5 years IT Support & Administration

4.Adaptability? Any relative in Denmark
28 years


Anonymous said...

I am Akhtar and i am working in standard charterted bank pakistan ltd from the last six years in mortgage department as team manager.I am MBA in marketing,i have done this in 2003 and that time i am working in brokeragehouse.Totally my work experence is ten years.i am married and have a one child and my age is 36 years old.I have interested to get the permanent immgration of Denmark but i did not knwon the procedure of immgration kindly provide me the correct information about immgration,and its point system and all related information about it.i am writting my E mail address "" please send the all information at this e mail address.I am very thank ful to you.

Anonymous said...

1) Qualification = B.A
2) Age 33 years
3) 6 years of experience as Sales Promotion Officer in pharmaceutical industry.
4)Medium of Study English
5)i am also passed 3 years D.A.E in petroleum & Gas Technology with 2 years refinery experience.
Kindly calculate my points for green card. I am also interested in Denmark. thanks nrgds.

Waqar Ahmed Mirza

Anonymous said...

I am kaleem from Islamabad,I did MS IT and I have 9 years in IT in different organizations. I have certfication of ccnp,ccna,mcse etc. My univeristy's medium of instruction is english.
I have two cilds and 35 years old.

Please Help me or calculate my

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam
i have qualification is LLB from Khyber Law College in peshawar university pakistan and i have 10 years work experiance in administration with govt and private departments also i am 31 year old. married with 2 lovely kids my educational backgroud was all medium of instruction was in english my wife has bachelor degree from peshawar university, kindly entertain my application for greencard scheme in danmark, i wish to start my further work career in danmark so kindly calculate my point and rply me as soon as posible

i am watingh for your kind review and thnks for your coperation
kamran ahmed rohaila

Anonymous said...

1-Qualification = Msc from Karachini university(environmental science).
2-Medium of Study English
3-4 years of experience in min and environmental lab(multinational)
4-Medium of Study English.
5-age 31 years
Kindly calculate my points for green card.

Ali said...

Salam. I have templets of English Proficincy certificate and university document authenticity Certificates, and all guidence for Denmark Immigartion Application Process, You can contact me on my cell number 03007232517, or email me

Anonymous said...

Sir for Danis Green Card we will have to send original documents to Denmark.Is attestation of documents must for apply.How much bank statement is required for Danish GC.Notary public is authorized for attestation of documents or what?I have verfications of my documents from the University.Pl tell me in detail about documents attestation authority.Is there any need attestation from HEC?Pl.tell me un detail
Tariq Iqbal

shakeel said...

Dear consultant.

plz calculate my points.

i have done my Diploma of Associates Eng (in civil)in 1998 & also don simple 2006
my experiance in civil eng field are 10+ year.
age below 34 years.
i have done 6 month English course.
now im doing a job in un(wfp).
Engineer shakeel ahmad

my id

Anonymous said...

dear madam/sir
i am doctor by profession,i have been passed the membership & fellowship(mrcps&fcps)exames from pakistan.i had been passed my MBBS exames in 2001,i also passed the part1 exames of MRCOG from royal college London.I have 6 years experience in field of medicien & surgery as well.I got the 6.5 band in ILLTS as husband is an advocate of high court with experience of 7 years in pakistan.He passed his Master's in law exame from london as well as Master's in political science from universty of punjab Pakistan,his english language skills are very good.I have one son as well,his age is 3 years.I shell be gratefull to you to give me the right advice.thanks (Dr farrah shah)e mail adress# (

Anonymous said...

hi i'm in london since last 5yrs and i done my 3years BSC in Technology & E-Commerce (IT) from University of East London and my MBA master will be finish in December 2010 in same field from Coventry University and my age is 28years. could you please tell am i eligible for Danish Green Card Scheme? on BSC basic .?
thanxxxx kindly reply me as soon as possible
name: umer osman

Anonymous said...

One Suggestion Please!
Please try to work in your own country. Only this will make you satisfied. All the opportunities are avaiable here in Pakistan. Believe in God and search for the opportunities.You will find what you want in your life.
I ensure you, even after getting Immigration , you will not get satisfied.

Appni Matti Pay Hi Chalnay Ka saleeka Seekho
Sanghay Mar Mar Pay Chalo Ghay To Phisal Jao Gay.


Anonymous said...

Dear consultant.

plz calculate my points.

i have done my Diploma of Associates Eng (in civil)in 1998 & also don simple 2006
my experience in civil eng field are 10+ year.
age below 34 years.
i have done 6 month English course.
now im doing a job in un(wfp).
Engineer shakeel ahmad

mohammad said...

My name is Muhammad Wasim
my education is MCS and MBA
medium of language english
date of birth 22/11/1975
related experience 5 years
i have no adaptability
my email is
plz tell me my score/points

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for providing us such kind of forum.

I am Atif my details are given below, please let me know that can I get Denish Green card??

AGE: 31

EDUCATION: MBA (1 year) & BBA(hons) (3 years)

EXPERIENCE:6 years in the field of Accounts/Finance/ Administration. (4+ years work in Pakistan & 2 Years work in Dubai)

LANGUAGE: Fluent in English (IELTS score 5.5) and I can obtain a language certificate from my previous employer who is from England, as I worked with english people for 2 years in Dubai).

pleas let me know that is my case stronge or weak?? and how much money required to show in the bank?? we I use the bank statement of my father?? Thank you. Best Regards.


Anonymous said...

Dear my name is uzma i am 26 years old i did my MSc Home Ecnomics Food and Nutritions from university of agriculture Faisalabad i have english proficiency letter from my university i have completed my one year internship as a teacher in a GOVT girls college under National internship program punjab government and tow year work experience in a private School (The Educators) Please Tell Me I am Eligible or not for denmark green card email me Thanks

Anonymous said...

can you calculate my points for Danish Green card scheme?
experience within last five years 1 year ,however ,if i include 2005 thne 2 year
IELTS.overall band 8

Anonymous said...


This is humara and i have done my Bcommerce and having 8 years work experience in diifrent fields like pharma,media and telecom. i am married and having a kid, my husband is also graduate and working in telecom sector.we wanna get danish immigartion. kindly let me know how i can get that, or should we consult with any immigration consultant.

Anonymous said...

AGE 40

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
dear consultant,
plz guide me, i have done and C.A inter I from ICAP plus 12 year experience of accounts field. i am 39 year so tell me how to apply and point status, what is easy to apply to denmark visa.

mamoon ahmad moon

ahmadmoon100 said...

Anonymous said...
dear consultant,
plz guide me, i have done and C.A inter I from ICAP plus 12 year experience of accounts field. i am 39 year so tell me how to apply and point status, what is easy to apply to denmark visa.

mamoon ahmad moon

Anonymous said...

dear Consultant, kindly guide me i have master degree in International Relations & master degree in Political Science from Karachi university i am working as a Office Manager in private firm since 5 years my age is 36 years. I am interested in Denmark green card can you please calculate my points and tell me do i qualify or not i am very thankful to you. from Azhar

Anonymous said...


yousaf said...

hi i am yousaf
age = 29
education= M.A Economics (16 year education)
experience = 5 year teaching at college level
language= 6.5 band in ielts
plz calculate my points for denmark immigration
send inform me theorug mail thanks

yousaf said...

education= M.a economics (16 year of education)
Age= 29 years
Ielts= 6.5 band
job experience = 5 years teaching at college level
what will be my points, i want to apply for denmark immigration
my name is yousaf rahim

Anonymous said...


Chetan Malhi said...

I am a Master of Pharmacy from Pakistan; want to know that how many chances I may have for Denmark immigration under green card scheme, my details are as under:

Education: 4 years bachelor + 2years master (research with thesis) but in evening session
Experience: 3 years in last 5 years
Age: 32years
Language: not tried for IELTS, but 4 semesters of English as a subject passed in bachelor education + Official language is English in the organization where I am working since last 2 years
Adaptability: No

Please guide me if I may not qualify under these conditions.

Chetan Dev

Anonymous said...

I am working with call centre as Team Leader, my post is managerial but my education is in Computer Sciences, do i qualify?
Edu: MCS
Exp: 3 Years
age: 31
Ielts: 6.5

Patel said...

Please calculate my points:
MBA 2 years period
PGD 1 year from ned university
Age 31
Exp. of 3.5 years in finance and accounts.

Ghulam Murtaza said...

I have MBA degree. age 39, work experience 10+ years, and english is good.
How much do I score?

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