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If you are thinking to immigrate to Denmark and fit into place yourself in a regulated profession there, you need to be careful of certain things. A regulated profession in Denmark is a line of work where you have to complete several requirements, which have to do with your certified qualifications. If you meet those requirements, then only you are entitled to follow that regulated profession in Denmark. If you have certified qualifications, either from side to side education or work outside Denmark, you can obtain your qualifications assessed by the official agency in the land of Danish so as to hunt your profession there.

Here are the rules and regulations to which the non-European Union, in addition to non European Economic Area applicants is entitled to with the intention of eligible for a regulated profession in Denmark.

First, a non-European Union or European Economic Area public is requisite to file an application to be able to hunt a line of work with the concerned/official Danish body. With the application the applicant must also present other credentials that hold up his professional qualifications. Once the competent power received the application and documents, it proceeds with additional assessment of the qualifications and determines if that exacting line of work is recognized by Denmark or not. After this, the power decides if the candidate can be awarded with a permit to practice the profession in the country, which is called Authorization.

Application Process

Before an individual proceeds with the application procedure, it is suggested to look into the official website for the Danish Agency for International Education. Every detail of the process, in addition to application form for various professions must be on the website. Even though, some may not find application forms for certain professions. In that case, they can mark to the authorized agency stating about the precise profession they want to be endorsed for, along with the contact information for further ease!

Credentials required at the time of filing application

Each regulated profession in Denmark requires dissimilar credentials. In this case too, future applicants are recommended to visit the authorized website of the Danish Agency for International Education. On the other hand an applicant is requisite to give the competent authority with the following credentials:

•An application for the way in to chase a regulated profession
•A nationality proof
•Documents behind the qualifications
•List of subjects the candidate has studied
•An official document from the country is required where the applicant has been authorized as qualified for the profession
•Experience certificate on that exacting profession

Aside from the aforesaid credentials, the applicants might be requested by the authorized agency to give them with other details like, character certificate and a document that supports a spotless criminal background.


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